Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chapter 43: Fashion Shop

This week I've been working in my boss' other shop called Fashion Shop. He's in London for business with his son, so there's no one else to take care of the boutique so I'm here then ^^ (I'm jealous as fuck of the trip though... >___<!!! )

As you can see, the shop is pretty different from RockJet XD The clothes are mainly for older people, but there are a few clothes for young people as well. They never visit the shop though :DDD Or if they do, very seldom :D 

It has been ok to work here though, even though I'm not into serving old people :D Some of them look at me woth a very judging look -___-;; bleh, oh well, who cares. Of course there has been many nice customers as well! This is not new to me, I used to work in a shop called Korelia, in my hometown, and it's just like this shop and the customers are the same kind :D

lol, I'm such a good granddaughter! The clothes are VERY cheap in this shop, so I decided to buy a shirt for my grandmother 'cos I'm going to visit her and my other relatives this weekend. Can't wait! I've missed all the people there :< My uncles and my small cousins <3 

The shirt I bought, it cost royal 4,90€ :D I hope she likes it.
pfff... the truth is that I'm not a good granddaughter at all... So I'm trying to make it up for her. -____-;; By buying cheap clothes? fail. I never call her, and I visit her very seldom, once a year... I know I should call her more, I called her this week to tell that I'm coming over because of my cousin's graduation party, she was SO HAPPY 'cos I had called her myself. She always calls me, and sometimes I don't even answer. That's because I'm either busy, or just having a crappy day. She doesn't know about my depression... No one from my father's side does. but it's better that way. I know my grandma would burst to tears if she knew... @___@ 

Oh well, I know this weekend is gonna be awesome ^^ <3 And I'll try to get to visit her later this summer as well with my dad!

100 Day picture challenge - Day 37

Day 37 - A picture taken at school

Heidi! <3 grrrrr   surprise buttsex. We were waiting for food XDDD

Love you, my purplhead!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 36

Day 36 - A picture of your pet

....This one is gonna be a picture spam XDDD 

My rats, Ada and Adele ^^<3 

I love them from the bottom of my heart <3 I fall in love with them even more day by day. They are the apple of my eye ^^ 

This is Ada, born in August 1st, 2011. Mommy's girl <3 She's so easy! Everytime the girls are running free in the apartment, Ada never disappears of my sight, she's always near me so I don't have to worry about her. She likes to sit on my lap and climb all over me. If I leave the room, she follows me, haha <3

Getting her nails done :D
And this is Adele, born in August 8th, 2011. The COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Ada XDDD What a drama queen she is... She screams very easily, especially while we cut her nails, she screams like crazy even though there's nothing to worry about! -___-;; Last week I accidently step on Ada's tail, not with my full weight though, thank god. My heart almost stopped and started to yell "BABY I*M SO SORRY" and took her in my arms immediately, but she didn't scream at all, she was just confused XD "o___O What the hell was that?? mom, what's wrong with you???" My point is, if that would have been Adele, my god, she would have squealed like a little pig XD But yeah, you must be very careful with rats' tails, they are very sensitive.

She's also not a mommy's girl at all. When running free, she ALWAYS disappears somewhere and I have to be looking for her to make sure she doesn't destroy anything -___-;; And she always wants to go to places she's not allowed to go!! Like behind the oven or washing machine... It's so annoying to get her away from there... She's a fucking rebel!! XD But I still love her as much as Ada <3

Haha, it's funny how many people have asked me "Do rats really have their own personalities?" Of course they do!!! >___< As you can see from this post :D They are both very cheerful ^^ Adele is a bit more shy though. But Ada is very interested in people! :D 

The bad thing is that they have had mycoplasma all their life. I noticed the symptoms in Ada after only two days I got them. I called crying to the  breeder 'cos I didn't know what to do. She said that she can take them back and give me other rats or return my money. I didn't want that 'cos I had already "bonded" with Ada. So we made a deal that she will pay the vet bill. Adele was a bit sick as well, so I got antibiotics for both of them. But they were too mild and didn't help at all. So I had to wait for 6 MONTHS to get a proper, stronger medication (it's not allowed to give it to growing rats, rats are adults at the age of 6 months). Adele felt so much better that she didn't need it, so I took it only for Ada, and now she feels better ^^ Of course, because it's mycoplasma, it's never going away properly, but they are doing well otherwise so it doesn't matter. Of course I'm a bit worried, but I try not to think about it. 

ps. Ada was snoring yesterday!!! I've NEVER seen or heard anything cuter XDDDDD <3<3<3

Monday, May 28, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 35

Day 35 - A picture of your hometown

Kauhajoki. I don't miss that place at all...

That city is fucking haunted with death. So much drama, all the time. So many young people have killed themselves.There was a time when every single spring someone committed a suicide. The lates news I heard is from last Sunday. A man killed his wife in front of their 6-year old son. Fucking great. Poor kid...

Of course people die all the time everywhere in the world. Maybe it's the small size of my home town; it's so easy to hear all the shit that has happened very fast. The scariest part is that it might always be someone I know. "Luckily" I haven't known any of the victims so far. And hopefully never will. This one guy who killed himself was a good friend of my ex bf, and a brother of my schoolmate in junior high. I can't imagine how devastated they were when they heard the news. blergh, it makes me nauseous when I think about it.

Aaaaand the biggest news about Kauhajoki ever, The School massacre 2008. If you haven't heard of it then you must have been raised in a fucking barrel. I remember the day like yesterday, it was terrible. Even though it wasn't my school, it still was pretty traumatic. I couldn't walk in the city centre in two weeks (the school on the other side of the street, the shooter's home on the other...), and since then I've been feeling VERY agitated near guns. I don't like them at all...

It's not just because of the deaths, it's also because of my shitty childhood and other crappy things -___-;; Meh. Hate that town. So many bad memories.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter 42: Modelling time!

New pictures of my babies! ^^
Their warm and messy nest :DDD
whoooo, what's this?

gahh! The lighting! Or as my friend's friend said: ‎"Just getting high on body lotion, mate." XDDD

XD They are always after my body lotions. They seem to love them. a lot. I always have to keep on eye on them that they don't eat it. This time I had to get a picture of this though XD But they didn't get the lotion in their mouth 'cos the hole in the bottle is so small. 

bass rat

Mooooom?? This is kinda high...

How artistic.

Ada. My precious baby girl <3

butt. XD

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 34

Day 34 - A picture of your favourite morning 

heheee, 1/3 passed! 2/3 to go! Ok, let's get to the point.

lol, me so pretty.
Those mornings when you can sleep as long as you want because you have no plans at all <3 This morning would have been perfect if I wasn't sick >___<

Chapter 41: Eurovision 2012 Finale

Yayy, It's time for the Eurovision 2012 Finale! Even though I keep telling myself that it would be nice to watch the whole thing from the very beginning for once, the fact that I watch only the finale every year is more exciting! :D Anyway, I've made three different lists of all of the songs. The good ones, the bad ones, and the average ones. 

This is not supposed to be a review because I totally suck at making them XD I just want to share my opinion. I don't have that much to say about some songs. That's because either they sucked that bad I went speechless, or there just wasn't anything special in them.

The songs I liked:

United Kingdom - I think the song was beautiful ^^
Russia -  HAHA! Gotta love those old ladies <3<3<3 They're so adorable!! 

Iceland - At first I wasn't sure if I liked this one or not, it was pretty dull in the beginning. But I really liked the violin solo and the rest of the song was pretty good! And I absolutely loved the woman's dress *-*

Italy - DAMN. Absolutely awesome!!! The song was excellent, the singer's voice was perfect, and the SHOW was very good. Nothing extra, just the back-up
 singers, no random half naked guys jumping all over the stage. Ah, me likey <3

Azerbaijan - Very beautiful. Almost hypnotic *-*

Denmark - Girl energy! + two guys :D I'm not sure if I really liked the song, but I put the song here 'cos I absolutely loved the drummer!!! The energy was just awesome!

Turkey - EPIC :DDD!!! Sailor teams always kick ass <3  
Germany - Cute song ^^
Malta - Cute song pt. 2, cute band! :D

The Fails:

Albania - BOOOORIIIIING. The song was just weird... The woman's dress was hideous, her hair was ever more weird, and her face didn't look so great either XD Lol, I know I shouldn't be judging the looks, but I can't help it :DDD Oh well, she did sing the high notes very well. meh. 

Cyprus - ARGH. The basic fast eurovision song by a female artist. These kind of songs really annoy me -___-;; And the girl didn't even sound good live. pfff.

Romania - -_____-;; Not so far from Cyprus. 

Ireland - uh.... dafuq?? Ok ok, there was SOMETHING cute in the twins but... The whole set was just so random :DDDD

The Average:

Hungary - The song was ok, but the singer's voice was in a terrible shape, and the players looked stupid -__-;; Ok, not all of them, but the guitarist did. What the hell was he doing on stage, the whole song didn't even have guitar sounds in it?! dafuq -___-;;

Lithuania - Meh, just a basic pop song. I liked the guy's moves though :DD
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Beautiful song, but it just didn't hit me. It was just "ok".

France - The song was not my type, but I liked the singer's voice. And her corset! :D She could have had a bit more covering pants though XD

Estonia - Almost made me fall asleep :D But I've heard worse and the guy had a nice voice.

Norway - The Adam Lambert of Norway :DDDDD That's all I can say, really.

Sweden - Meh, I've heard this song soooo many times -___-;; I must say though that the show was very good, and if I hadn'ät heard this before now, I might have liked this a lot :D And Loreen's voice is awesome. 

Spain - An ok song, kinda reminded me of Leona Lewis' songs o_O

Macedonia - hmmm, The song was fine, but there was something weird in it. It may have been the singer's voice, but at the same time it was kinda cool. ikd o_o

Serbia - ARGH. It started so well!! ;__; And the music was very beautiful but the singer kinda ruined the whole thing >__< The song was still beautiful but idk, something was missing :<

Ukraine - meeehh, Didn't like the song, but I wouldn't consider it as a complete failure either. 

Moldova - The song and show was funny, but the lyrics were a bit too random in my opinion :DD

While waiting for the results, it was so awesome that Mr. Lordi was announcing the points of Finland! :DDD

And the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiis: SWEDEN. What a huge surprise... :D but! The lovely grandmas from Russia became second! yay! ^^ And poor Norway :DD It went very bad for them. All the teen aged girls will be veeeery disappointed :D

Now, let's wait for the Eurovision 2013!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chapter 40: Watership Down

I just watched Watership Down, a cartoon for adults that my friend recommended for me a long time ago. I didn't watch it back then, but today I found the movie by accident and decided to watch it.

It tells a story about a group of rabbits who leave their home because a young rabbit, Fiver, gets a scary vision where their home gets destroyed by people. During their journey to find a new home, they make some new friends, but also face lots of enemies. The biggest enemy is the General Woundwort. 

Most of the time I didn't enjoy watching it 'cos I love bunnies. It wasn't nice to watch them killing each other or get killed by other animals ;___; I kept watching it though because I did like it somehow. There also were a few funny scenes, thanks to Kehaar, a goofy bird with funny accent :DDD In addition to Kehaar, my favourite characters were Fiver and Hazel, the brothers. I felt so bad for Fiver 'cos he was so scared all the time. Hazel was always trying to calm him down. 



I almost cried in the ending 'cos it was so sad ;___; well, bittersweet, actually. But I'm not gonna spoil it for you guys if some of you would actually watch this :D I do recommend it though if you like realistic cartoons!

1oo Day Picture Challenge - Day 33

Day 33 - A picture of somewhere you went today

X___X Absolutely nowhere.

THIS has been my view pretty much the whole day...
 I was supposed to go to work today, but I seriously feel so fucking dead I just couldn't go.. I know that my boss isn't happy about this, I've been away a lot. But who cares, I REALLY need to get some rest...

 Lol, see all the snot papers next to the plate? \o/ I just want the allergy to go away as soon as possible.. This is just terrible. It's very hard for me to  breathe, and I'm coughing like crazy. I could even taste blood in my mouth one day... >___< So.. great plans for the weekend: Laying in bed!! oh well, TV is my best friend <3

Friday, May 25, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 32

Day 32 - A picture of what you did today

Meh, work :D Nothing special. The day was boring as fuck -___-;; Even though we had a lot of customers and got new items (bags and hoodies, yay!). So, maybe it was just my mood and attitude that sucked today :DD

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chapter 39: Mental shopping

MY STRAITJACKET BAG ARRIVED <3<3<3 It's so cute ;;;____________;;; <3

isn't it?!?!?

I also did some more shopping today ^^ My poor wallet... BUT!! These are the things I need! Ok, the shoes are, as I've told you. Anyway, I went to the supermarket to buy something to eat when I saw a discount of these Hummel-shoes. There were three kinds, very cute all if them, so I decided to go try them on after work. These purple ones were my favourites! ^^ I think they're cute. They cost 19,90€.

Then, I bought some socks! :D My boss brought a shitload of new socks to the store, and they are VERY cheap! 2€ one pair and three pairs with 5€. With the staff discount, the three pairs' price was only 3,50€ :D Half free!! It was pretty hard to choose which ones I would take, there were so many cute pictures and styles in them! Even though they are very cheap, I didn't want to spend any more money 'cos I really don't have that much -___-;; So, I ended up with the pink/black, Jack, and spider ones ^^

 ps. Adele scared the fuck out of me today... She hid herself behind the fucking OVEN! It was very hard to get her away from there... I seriously was almost squeezing myself behind the oven to get her out, but luckily she got scared and ran away to the right direction, PHEW @___@ oh well, at least she had a lot of food in there XDDD ....41795964 years old, that is.

100 Picture Challenge - Day 31

Day 31 - A picture of food you made

Mini burger pan!!! *-*

I'm sooo happy they have started to sell this again (nope, I did not make this myself from scratch XD It's pre-fried and frozen, lol). I remember eating this with my dad when I was small! Then, they suddenly stopped selling this food and I was so sad ;__; But now, IT*S BACK <3 nomnomnom

What's in it? It's called mini burger pan 'cos there are mini sized meat stakes. In addition there are potatos, baby carrots and broccoli! mmm it's so GOOD @__@<3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 - A picture of your favorite quote

This is my favourite quote not only because it's a song of my favourite western band,  but because it's so. fucking. TRUE. Well, of course I have many lovely people around me, but the truth is that most of the people on Earth are just.... well, fucking morons :D I've been planning that when I get extra 100€ from somewhere, I'm gonna tattoo this quote on my neck. Too bad I'm gonna be broke for a looooong time :D oh well, maybe next Christmas/birthday! :D

Here's the song <3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 29

Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile

lol, isn't this kinda the same challenge as on day 7? oh well :DDD


Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter 38: New items!

Yayyy, we got a lot of cool stuff today at work! It was a nice day 'cos there were so many new items that we had a lot to do ^^

Luv Bunny and Cupcake Cult ^^

A shitload of new shirts! Mainly from Cupcake Cult <3 But still not my Pikachu ;___; I considered of buying the Winnie the Pooh -one, but after I had looked at it for a while, it make me sad XD I like Winnie the Pooh ;__; so I didn't like watching Winnie the Pooh eating Piglet, boohoo. But actually I'm glad that there were no items that I absolutely HAD to get :DD I would have spent a lot of money again... @__@

We also got new accessories, and the donut neclaces just stole my heart :DDD They're so cute!! And they were so soft that actually felt like real donuts o___o And the frosting and sprinkles look so real as well! yummy!

Lol, the tiny donuts were so edible that I had to get myself a real donut from Arnolds XDDD mmmmm I love their donuts. BUT!! NO SPRINKLES IN MY DONUT!!! >8(((( I is disappoint.


100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 28

Day 28 - A picture of your favourite place in the world


I loooove sleeping and laying in a soft bed under a soft and warm blanket *___*  And usually when I have a day off and I have no plans I most likely do so :DD I may take two naps during the day, and that's not so good 'cos I usually sleep about 2 hours at a time, oops. :D My bf loses his nerves sometimes 'cos I like to sleep so much XD But come on, it's so nice *-* Lol, he even said to me once "You sleep more than a fucking baby!!!" 

Oh well, mostly it's not because I'm lazy. Lol, sometimes it is, but it's mostly 'cos of my bad health. Even though I do feel better, thanks to my medication, I still have the exhaustion inside me that doesn't go away >___< Especially this spring 'cos I've been sick A LOT X__X I do feel  energetic sometimes and I can do a lot of things, but when I take a break, I notice that I'm VERY exhausted, sometimes I feel dizzy even. So yeah, I'm a very tired person :< It may also be because of my diet >__< I don't eat healthy at all and I'm very aware that I don't get all the vitamins I should :D I know I should so something about it but.... meh ;__; Healthy food tastes bad!!! >8(

Sunday, May 20, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 27

Day 27 - A picture of your favourite night

hmmm, This is also a tough one 'cos I've had many awesome nights :D But I think I'm gonna say last Easter, we had a kick-ass party 8DDD

You can read and see more pics of the party here!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chapter 37: Free stuff!

Today I was at work with my boss' wife. She was cleaning places and she found some stuff that weren't in sale anymore so she gave some for me :D yay!

Two bags! They're not so well made though -___-;; The material is almost like paper, if you put too much stuff in them they break immediately... :D But oh well, they're cute! I love the clothes of Queen of Darkness, I want to buy some of them for myself *__* I hadn't heard of that brand before my internship in RockJet to be honest o__O fail.
I hadn't heard about Celebrity Babe either :D We have some shirts on sale in RockJet and they're pretty cute. And the bag is just adorable!!! *___*

And then, I finally remembered to ask the price of a necklace I found from some random children's necklace stash a few weeks ago :DD Kirsti said: "nah, it costs nothing, just take it!" Awesome!!! and the necklace is:

ARGH, all my cameras suck balls....
SPIDERMAAAAAN! XD it's not for me. My cousin's daughter goes bananas of Spiderman :DDD I'm going to visit them in Stockholm in the summer, I can give it to Ines then ^^ <3

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you

My graduation ring

sorry, The picture is dark >___<
 My mother had bought my sister a ring when she graduated from high school, so she insisted to buy me one as well when I graduated. When I saw this one it hit immediately! I knew it was The One :D My mum didn't agree with me though, she said it looked like a "grandmother ring" lol XD She also asked me if we could check the other shop as well so we could see other options as well. I said yes, but none of the other shop's rings gave me the vibe. So we went back to the first shop. My mum was still trying to convince me to get some other ring, but I seriously didn't like them ;___; As always, my mum was trying to control me and get me bound to her will. But finally she understood me and let me have the ring I wanted. Thank god -____-;; I want the ring to perfect, and I have to LIKE it so I can wear it. The price of the ring was 189€ if I remember right.

The seller told us that the ring is inspired by Princess Diana's engagement ring. My ring has a black stone and it's gold, Diana's was blue and silver. Kinda cool :D And it's so prettyyyyy *-*

Princess Diana's ring

The ring is very important to me because it's so beautiful, I've NEVER had a ring like that. There had been situations where the ring has almost fell off my finger and I've always been close to a heart attack @__@ And yeah, I know I should be saying something like "The ring is important to me because I got it from my mother blablablah" buuuut I'm not... The relationship between me and my mother is VERY complicated so... yeah.. meh. -___-;;

Chapter 36: Hevisaurus!!!

gaaaahh! I had forgotten how AWESOME that band is *___*

For those who don't know them, it's a heavy metal band for kids. The members are known from other famous Finnish metal bands, and in this one they're dressed as dinosaurs! :D The songs are very well made, it's real heavy metal, but the melodies are taken from old children's songs. They also have a lot of own songs, and the lyrics are very cheerful :D ...except one song that tells about the extinction of mammoths, it's really sad ;___; I seriously almost burst to tears when I heard it the first time XD


yay, I finally got the energy to play some bass today!! I started to practise Lareine's Saikai no Hana. I like that song, it's so.. happy! :D And Emiru's bass lines are always so lovely. Every time I listen to Lareine I start to think "I want to learn that and that and that...." The practising is a bit slow though 'cos I'm learning the song by ear. oh well, I'll finish it someday @__@

I love this band *-* It's interesting how much Kamijo's voice has changed during the years O__O He's in Versailles now, which is also one of my favourite bands.

my four stringed baby <3

oh and! My friend cooked some lovely apple apple gratin *__* Friend oat and apples with vanilla ice cream. Soooo gooood x___x omnomnom ...and now I'm about to explode. ;__;

I'm so tired @___@ gotta go to work tomorrow, so I should be in bed :D OH BTW, There was a puppy at RockJet today!!! A customer hold a small dog in her arms, I HAD to go pet it. It was too adorable ;___; My work mate was rolling her eyes while she was watching me going bananas XDDD

ps. Adele is trying to rape Ada O___O creeepyyyyy....