Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chapter 35: A drunk, dead and otherwise strange

Yesterday was a nice day ^^ I was feeling cheerful in the morning already, probably 'cos I was going out with Taru in the evening :D I was feeling a bit sad though 'cos I had lost my dear skeleton gloves on Tuesday and I thought I wouldn't find them, but I did!! *-* So the good day could carry on :D

I got home from work a bit before 7pm, which kinda sucked 'cos we didn't have so much time to get ready for the evening. I was VERY tired and I had to go to shower, eat, get ready, and I also should have had time to drink as well, damn it! :D And because the bus schedules suck in Vaasa, we had to leave to the bar at 10:30 pm already!! waaay too early. oh well, at least I wasn't too drunk 'cos I didn't have time to drink that much :DD

soo, this is how I looked yesterday :D I got the dress from my sister, it had gotten too small for her :D For me it fit very well ^^ The belt is not part of the dress, I bought it about 1 or 2 years ago. I tried to take pictures from my accessories as well, but my camera sucks ;__; Anyway, I had these lovely earrings my aunt bought me from Ireland last summer, they are key shaped ^^ <3 The necklace is from Poland, my sister  bought it. It's an hour glass with a pink bow, it's so adorable and pretty!! *-*

Brushes are fun.

With Ulla ^^

With Taru <3

We didn't have the energy to party that long though :< We were both so tired because of the long day at work, so we left the bar about 1:30am. We went to eat to McDonald's and I when I got my hamburger and took a bite of it, I realised that my stake had a shape of a heart :D ...of course I had to take a picture of it XD

Nomnom! And the heart is very symmetrical :DD

Despite being tired, I had a lot of fun! ^^

But now, I'm so fucking DEAD. I don't have a hangover, but the pollen allergy is very bad this year... I just read the news that children have had to be put to hospital care because of the allergy symptoms. And I'm starting to feel like that as well soon x___x I can't fucking breathe!!! I have to go to the pharmacy tomorrow to get more meds, the Heinix pills are not enough... gahh @___@

oh and, the title of this post comes from what my bf said to me today :D At first I was whining 'cos I felt terrible and I'm gonna die, "Great, I'm dating a corpse.." And then I told him about last night, "My gf: A drunk, dead and otherwise strange." lol :D <3

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