Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapter 24: Trousers' shopping

I bought new trousers today!! I own too few pants so I had to get some new ones. I still want to buy another pair, ones that are colorful! I saw cute pink jeans at H&M but they didn't have my size :< I WANT PINK JEANS!! I'm gonna go to my bf's this weekend so maybe I'll find something in Seinäjoki. I also want black mini shorts but I still haven't found any >__< aaaand I need a new bag!! argh.

The trousers I bought are basic black jeans, with small details in the back:

Brand: Vixxsin

I like them ^^ The original price was 59,90€, but because of the staff discount, I got them with 42€, yay!

Bleh, it's May 1st and I have no plans. I was kinda hoping that I could just sleep in and be lazy tomorrow, but my boss asked my to work tomorrow at the market. I decided to go 'cos he really needs help there and he's gonna pay me for it, so why not!

...the crappy part is that I have to be outside all day! I don't really like being outside, I'm always cold @___@ so, I just have to wear 326852 shirts and jackets so I won't freeze there. I also have to go to work by bike 'cos the bus traffic is very poor on holidays -___-;; I don't even remember when was the last time I rode a bike XD And I don't even know the route to the centre so well so... hehaaa. great...

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 7

Day 07 - A picture that makes you laugh

Hhhhhaha!! <3 

 It  has a typo though >__< THEN*

Sunday, April 29, 2012

100 Day Picture Challende - Day 6

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

Iira Salo

A Finnish girl who is a huge inspiration for lolitas all over the world. 

Why did I choose her? Well, to be honest, I'm very jealous for her :D In a healthy way though XD I don't envy her in a bad way, I'm very happy for her for everything she does! 

Anyway, well, first of all, she's absolutely STUNNING <3 She looks gorgeous, I absolutely love every piece of clothing she owns. She's so beautiful ;___; <3 But I didn't choose her only because of her lovely looks. Seems like she has built an awesome life, and she has accomplished so many things I have been dreaming of! She lives abroad, in Holland, she has a good job so she doesn't have to stress about many. She also is an awesome seamstress, who makes awesome clothes and accessories. Her skills are amazing. ....whiiich makes her more money :D oh god I sound terrible XD "moneymoneymoney" :DDD 

But seriously, that's the life I'm dreaming about. A job that I actually love, and that gets me well paid so I can do the things I really love. At the moment, I can't do any of them... 
And I have dreamed about living abroad as well. Atm I'm quite satisfied in Finland, but it would be nice to live somewhere else for a while. 

So... yeah, I'm a bit jealous >___<I'm not sure what she thinks about this post, but I hope she takes this as a compliment ^^*

Chapther 23: The zoo at the drunken neighbourhood

Haha! I had so much fun yesterday. I was drinking with my childhood friend Ville and his girlfriend. 

They had been drinking all day, but I didn't want to start drinking immediately when I arrived 'cos I hadn't eaten properly yet :D I had just been eating candy and cereal XD So we grilled at first ^^ 

After we ate, we went to see their neighbours, and I fell in love *___* One couple had a French bulldog!!! I have always thought that they are cute, but this was the first time I could actually meet and pet a French bulldog. The breed is soooo lovely <3 The dog's name was Lyyti ^^

iiiiihhh <3<3<3
There were other animals as well :D Ville's girlfriend has a dog as well, he was spending some time with us as well. The poor thing was harassed by Lyyti XD

Masi ^^
The owner of the house, and older man we called Hasse, had a cat. Her name was Niño, she was so adorable *___* She didn't like me that much though :< She was a bit shy. And the poor thing was a bit too fat as well XD
There was an older lady in the house as well, and she had a bird! It was so cute, and the name was even cuter XD Napoleon! \o/ 
I heard that there was a chameleon in the neighbourhood as well, but we didn't know the people so well so we didn't dare to go ask if I could see it XD It would have been so cool!! *-*

eh, so anyway, the evening was great! Even though Hasse was a very random old fellow XD He was telling me all the time how I should eat more. After a while it started to annoy me 'cos he kept repeating it. I KNOW I*M SKINNY >__< lol, and suddenly he started to talk about my boobs XD whaaaat. Ville had warned me about Hasse but I didn't expect THAT XD

gaahh, my abs hurt @___@ we were having some sort of competition where we had to be in a certain position for as long as we can. I don't know that the exercise is called in English, but the position is like this:

 @___@ it was rough. At first the best time, by Hasse, was 2 minutes and 19 seconds. I got 2:31, hah! I was so proud! ....until Hasse tried again and beat me with 2:38 -___-;; booooo! I tried again as well but I was too tired after the first time so I only lasted for about 1½ minutes.

When we got back to Ville's and Helmiina'splace, we sang some karaoke XD Hahahahah we raped so many songs... But the best one was when me and Ville sang Barbie Girl XD HAHA. epic. We should have recorded that.

Thank God I didn't have a terrible hangover today :D I was a bit shaky in the morning, but I haven't been nauseous at all! Maybe because I was wiser and decided to buy 20% liquor instead of 40% booze XD

And in the end, here's a picture of me and Ville ^^ 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chapter 22: Photographing my babies

I took some pictures of my girls yesterday ^^ <3

muwah!! <3

mmmmm, juice! nom!

tails! <3

whooooa! A leg!

garbage! whiii

o hai!

garbage, part 2

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 5

Day 05 - A picture of your favourite memory

This is a tough one 'cos I don't have one, special memory that would be my favourite. Or, I may have, but I tend to forget my memories... But I do know that my best memories were made when I was 15-16 years old.

Picture taken in London, 2007 ^^
 I can honestly say that I was HAPPY that time. I didn't know the word "stress", I didn't let anything bother me, even though things were bad at home, I was happy. 
Why? Because that time I had the best friends I've ever had. They were my secure net. As long as I had them, everything was ok. Gosh, we had so much fun and the memories are priceless.

But then, I fucked everything up and lost them. Of course it takes two sides to have a fight, but it was mostly my fault. I was so angry at them for "abandoning" me. I was bitter, and I let the thing bother me for 5 years. This year I swallowed my pride and apologised for all of them. Some of them took it well, some not so well. But now I've had the inner peace 'cos I have told them how sorry I am. But I know things will never be the same any more...

lol, I bet this day's challenge was supposed to be a happy post. But seriously, because of fighting with depression for 5 years, it has made me forget so many memories. Every time some of my friends starts telling something funny, "Oh my god Krista, do you remember when....", my answer usually is "huh? oooh right, I had forgotten all about it!"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Chapter 21: Rat Temple!

Oh my god, guys, I just found something cool today! A temple for rats!!! 

The Temple's name is Karni Mata, and it's situated in Deshnoke, India. It was built for Hindu goddess Karni Mata, but nowadays it's famous for its rats that people consider sacred. Out of all of the thousands of rats in the temple, there are said to be four or five white rats, which are considered to be especially holy. They are believed to be the manifestations of Karni Mata herself and her four sons. Seeing them is a special blessing and visitors put in extensive efforts to bring them forth, offering prasad, a sweet holy food.

hahaha, the rats aren't so clean and most of them are in a very bad shape 'cos of the possible fights or 'cos they're old :< It wouldn't be wise to touch them, but I know I would be jumping to the rat sea and pet them until they feel dizzy! ...and return home carrying 54163071 diseases XD

I'm my opinion it's awesome that there is a complete temple for rats! I would never want to go to India, but this is a place that I really would like to visit, even though the smell must be awful XD nah, who cares! RATS <3

Family dinner? :D
The holy white rat

100 day picture Challenge - Day 4

Day 04 - A picture of yourself and a family member

Me and my father <3

  I love you <3

Thursday, April 26, 2012

100 Day Picture challenge - Day 3

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favourite show
Desperate Housewives! \o/ I love that show! It's so funny and exciting, and the characters are awesome :D Every season has had a very interesting plot. I'm so sad that this season, 8th, is the last one ;___; I hope it starts showing again later so I can start watching it from the beginning! *-*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 20: Well this day sucked...

ARGH. This day started off well, I was in a good mood etc, nothing was wrong. ...until lunch time. I went to Subway to get some food, and when I walked back outside, some bitch almost drove across me, and after that dares to call me a WHORE??? I was so confused and stunned that I had to stop walking, I stood there for like three seconds and raised my middle finger at her. Not sure if she saw it... 

The thing is, I HATE that word, I never use it, not even about actual "whores". I prefer the word prostitue. All these "whore, slut" and other words like that have never sounded good to my ears. And I DEFINITELY DO NOT appreciate it if someone says like that about ME. That person gets to feel my wrath at that situation... for real.

pff, that's not all. The other thing that bugs me is my work mate... She's an awesome person and I'm glad I've got to know her, but there are certain features and actions that really piss me off! Arhh... I don't wanna start bashing her here, but there are some things I have to bring up to our boss... She's not being fair at all... But I'm not too happy about turning her in >___< bleh.

Oh well, something positive for a change: I got surprised this morning because my bank account had more money than I had expected! Yaaay, thanks grandma! :D So, that means that I got to buy the shirts I wanted!! *-*

Aren't they cute??? hihih, me likey <3

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 2

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

My sister <3 

She has always been the most important person in my life, with my father. She's 11 years older than me, so we have never fought like siblings with small age difference always do. Of course I was annoying when she was a teenager and I was like 4. Every time she had a friend visiting her, I was always bothering XD And maybe I have been sulking at her a few times but never about something serious :D

Usually when people see us, they tell me how much we look alike o__o We have different fathers, and we both look like our fathers, so I don't see so many same features in us XD Maybe when I don't have any make up on, THEN I can see something same :D 

XD She has been mistaken as my MOTHER a few times. AHAHA poor thing always gets so offended about that :D

I love you, Heidi! <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge!

hahaaa, I love blog challenges!! ....too bad that I usually fail these XD Oh well, I'm gonna try one, again! 100 days of pictures, that fits perfectly to my blog ^^ Let the game begin!

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1. My first names are Krista Marjaana
2. I'm 21 years old
3. I study clothing and fashion
4. I love animals from the bottom of my heart.
5. The things people usually consider ugly, scary or sick, I consider beautiful and cute.
6. I'm addicted to serial killers, fictional and real ones.
7. I'm bi-curious
8. My favourite color is pink
9. I play bass, guitar and piano
10. I'm a daddy's girl
11. I feel naked without my rings
12. I have a good self esteem about my looks
13. I'm diagnosed with depression and I have meds
14. I get relaxed by gore movies
15. I have two rats, Ada and Adele <3

Chapter 19: What a cheerful day this was!

hahahaha, my cheeks hurt, I've been laughing so much today! :D Nothing special, I just was in a very good mood! ^^

We got some new items at work today! Cosmic Clothing -shirts! I told you about the order earlier, I got to choose the shirts ^^ THEY*RE SO CUTE!!! I know I will spend some money next month, hehaaa. 

JUST LOOK AT THEM!!! I have to get the Killer Tomato and the Gozilla!!! And I want a third one as well but I haven't decided yet which one. iiiihh! <3 byebye money!

While we were organising the new clothes, we were listening 90's greatest hits XD Gosh, I love the pop- and electro dance -music from the 90's XD E-Type, Back Street Boys, Aqua, Spice Girls, Toy Box, N*Sync..... aaaahahahahah. Maybe that's why I have been so cheerful 'cos the songs are so happy XD Seriously, me and my friend were wondering that no wonder that young people are depressed nowadays 'cos songs are either about suicides and heart aches or "Oh yeah baby I'm gonna fuck you in the ass" -____-;; Oh those times... Even though I was very little XD

XD <3

I was feeling like taking pictures in the morning so I decided to take a picture of my outfit of today ^^* 

I've made the corset and the skirt myself ^^ I really like making clothes! ...if I have a proper sewing machine. After I started studying clothing and fashion, I have got to sew with the industry sewing machines. Once you sew with them, you do NOT want to sew with a normal, lame home sewing machine... -___-;; I really have to buy one when I graduate.
(oh and, if someone is wondering the skirt's fabric and what's in it, it's a circus-theme fabric! It has clowns, giraffes and elephants in it! XD <3)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 18: My lovely weekend

Purr <3 My weekend was awesome! I was visiting my boyfriend, I had so much fun *-* Too bad we are both so broke that we couldn't afford doing many nice things, like going to the movies or to a nice restaurant, but well, we had each other so that's enough <3 We were playing video games and watching movies and stuff. And cuddling *___*

I arrived at his place on Friday evening. We cooked dinner and watched a movie called Apollo 18. sucked -___-;; It was made like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity etc., filmed by the actors themselves. It told about two astronauts who go to the moon and there are some weird killer stone-aliens or something. Here's the trailer -___-;;

On Saturday we went to the centre, I wanted to go to pet shops so I could buy a harness for my rats :D I found them, they're so tiny and cute!! 

...I was supposed to put these on them but it didn't go so well... I wanted to get a video of my girls running with these but now you just get to see the harness, without the rats XD They hate them ;___; I WILL get them wear them, someday....

Anyway, in the evening I was playing my bf's favourite video game, Diablo 3. or, the beta version of it, it's not out yet. The game is pretty good o_O Not so nerv-wrecking as most of the video games I've played :DDD I even passed the whole beta! 

We also watched the movie Contagion, I liked it! It was as good as I had imagined it ^^ And there was Kate Winslet in it *-*

My bf also introduced to two TV-shows. The other one I liked, and the other one I didn't like >___< The one I liked was called Game of Thrones, a medieval fantasy TV-show. The plot is pretty complicated, but it's a good show anyway XD ....gosh, I sound like such a noob, I can imagine my bf making HEADDESK if he reads this... -___-;; Anyway XD The show has a very good actor in it, Sean Bean *-* love him. He fits perfectly in medieval roles! o_o

Sean Bean as Ned Stark

The show I didn't like was Walking Dead. It's about zombies, I can't stand zombies ;___; They're scaryyyy...

hahaaaa, btw, I finally got a picture of me and Joni! :DDD <3 it's a bit random though, but I love it XD <3

XD I had taken a nap earlier so my eyebrows are a bit... worn out :D And as you can see I dyed my hair! ^^ 

I really like the color! *-* I bet my parents will be VERY shocked XDDD

Poll II -answers

My second poll was a bout Sphynx-cats. I wanted to know people's opinions about them, I got 22 votes in total. Here are the results: 

Do you think Sphynx-cats are ugly?

Yes                                                             10 votes
No                                                              10 votes
What the hell is a Sphynx-cat??          2 votes

It's even o_o That's interesting! I was hoping that "No" would win, haha :D But surprising results in polls are nice as well. And seems like there were two people who didn't know what a Sphynx-cat was :D ...or they couldn't make their decision between yes and no :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chapter 17: I wonder when spring and summer comes...

;____; I was a bout to cry when I looked out of the window when I woke up this morning. 

 I HATE WINTER!! It's cold, it's wet, it's slippery, the snow blinds me every time I go out, my skin is bad. . . gahhhh, go awaaaaayyyyy ;____; come on!! It's fucking April already. . .

The view from the bus stop -___-;;

pffff. . . Today I decided to take all the jewels off of my left ear. It's getting worse all the time .___. I won't wear any earrings until it's completely healed.

My camera sucks, but trust me, it's ugly -__-;;

XDDD btw, I loled so hard a while ago. 

I WANT THAT CAR XDDDD ahahahahahahaha it's so cute. It would be perfect if it was pink!! But the most I loled at my bf's comment:

"You should get that! If someone hits it, it immediately rolls over!" that he means the car is just like ME -___-;; I always run into stuff ;___; Especially doors and closets!!!! Those things are from Satan himself -__-;; But it's not my fault! Don't come on my way when I walk!!! >8(((

Oh and, my bf just introduced me to something absolutely beautiful <3

The Servant of Oni from a game called Magic the Gathering, a card role playing game. I've never played it, but Joni does. When he showed me that I totally fell in love. It's a RAT!! <3 A very cool and beautiful one <3

oh and! I'm gonna dye my hair tomorrow! 8D I'm not gonna tell which color, hih ^^ I wanna shock all the people :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapter 16: Skin is a funny system

My skin is in a very bad shape >___<

There are two big wounds on my face, and my ear isn't feeling so great either. But my face.... WHY MY FACE?!?! Some people might think that I've been slaughtering pimples, but they are not pimples. . .  One day I just noticed two small round wounds on my face. aaaand because I have this addiction to rip wounds open, no matter where they are, they're not healing very quickly >___<  I really should get rid of that habit, but I've done it since I was a small kid so... fml -___-;; 

My ear has been in a bad condition after I stretched it to 3mm. I've decided that if it doesn't heal in a few months I have to take it off and let it close up >__< Oh well, that would be better, I don't want my ear to look rotten for 24/7 :DDD 

Today I had to be alone at work for 5 hours. I actually liked it o__O It seemed like the day went faster when I got to be alone. I got to make my own play list to the company's Spotify, yay! It has been a long time since I've listened to System of a Down. They have so many awesome songs!! :D <3

Banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie!
Banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie!

XDDDD kick-ass. Epic randomness!

New poll!!!

ok, seems like the Poll-gadget is broken for good, so I have to make the polls as blog posts from now on... 

Anyway, here it is! This time I'd like to know what you guys think about Sphynx cas, since they cause different opinions in different people. Feel free to answer! ^^

  • Yes
  • No
  • What the hell is a Sphynx cat??

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chapter 15: Animals! \o/

hahahah, what a day.. I missed the bus to work, so I was one hour late -___-;; And I was close to miss the second bus as well 'cos I saw a cat on the road XD I had to run after him and pet him. He was soooo cute *-* And tame and playful. At first I thought that he would be scared and wouldn't come to me when I kneeled down, but when I reached my arm to him he came to me ^^ <3 I could have sat there the hole day just petting him :D There was some guy near me and he was smiling, I guess he was slightly amused. I bet he thought I was crazy 'cos I'm petting outdoor cats. hmm well, the truth is that you never know which kind of bacteria they carry with them >__< pffff well, you can always wash your hands!

The poor thing had a big wound in his ear ;___; If my friend wouldn't be allergic and if I hadn't had work today, I probably would have carried him inside and ake care of the wound :D I love cats so much... And all the other animals as well. Seriously, there is NO mammals, reptiles, birds or spiders that I would consider ugly or scary <3 ok, some animals might be ugly as hell but then they are so ugly they are adorable! XDDD The only race of animals I don't like are insects... blergh @__@

Argh! I could have taken a picture of the cat 'cos I had my camera with me!! But I didn't remember that at that moment -__-;; damn it... oh well, if I had done that, it would have taken more time and I probably would have missed the bus :D 

gaaaahh, I can't wait for the day when I'm not a poor student any more... I want a sphynx cat... I've been dreaming about having one since I saw the sphynx kitties of my cousin's neighbours a few years ago. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Most people keep saying that they look ugly. Screw you ;____; They are so lovely <3<3<3hmm, I think I'm gonna make a poll about this next.

A sweater!!! *-* <3
AHAHAAHAH as my bf said: "It looks like someone forgot it in the bathtub for the night"
babies! <3

Hmm, I'm not 100% sure if I'm ever able to get one though. If the relationship between me and my bf actually goes somewhere, my boyfriend is very allergic to cats ;__; Some allergic people are ok with Sphynx cats 'cos they have no hair and their skin becomes oily very easily so you have to wash them every week. That's why Sphynx cats have less dandruff in their skin. But sometimesm that doesn't guarantee anything :< booo. ....and Joni isn't too fond of Sphynx cats either -___-;; pfff. Oh well, it's far in the future, and I don't feel like stressing about it. bleh. 

Lol and, today in the middle of the work day I went to a pet shop to get some food for my girls. My boss let me go there 'cos the pet shop closes the same time as our shop, so I couldn't have gone there after work. Anyway, there were a lot of these cute animals: hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds... AND BUNNIES!!!!! oh my god bunnies!!! <3<3<3 was very hard for me to leave from the shop. Actually I stayed there for a while XD But then I remembered that I was still "at work" so I had to go back and leave the bunnies alone ;___; 

When I buy my girls food from pet shops, I always buy Rat Complete. This shop didn't have it so I had to buy something else... They had this food called Rat Nature so I bought that. I hope it's as good as Rat Complete. least it was more expensive -___-;;