Monday, May 7, 2012

Chapter 28: Fading strawberries

booohoooo! Look at my hair! ;__;

It's fucking brown! meh... I have to dye it again this week. The thing that bugs me the most is that some parts of my hair are still pink, but the tops are all brown :< 
 And lol, I was amused when I realised what kind of bullshit my boss feeds to our customers :D "Yeah these colors last for ten washes" PFFFT XD I have washed this hair TWICE during these two weeks. And by that I mean a proper shampoo wash, of course I've taken showers more often than once a week XDDD Anyway, the reason why I wash my hair only once a week is that it maked the color last longer. My hair doesn't get greasy so easily so it's fine. 
 oh and, the color I use is Directions' Cerise.

btw, OMNOMNOM I bought strawberries today. Yummyyyy. I love strawberries with vanilla sauce *-* I gave my girls some as well, I think they liked them ^^

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