Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 29: MENTAL.

hih, this was a nice day ^^ Work was a bit boring though because of a VERY quiet day :D The first five hours were just pathetic :DDD But after that we started to get an ok amount of buying customers.

I was wearing my new shorts today! ^^

me likey! They're so comfortable o___o 

And! I got a thick letter from my cousin! I was a bit excited 'cos I had no idea what she had sent to me :D When I opened the envelope, it had these inside it:

EYELASHES <3 I had such a good luck!! :D I only had one pair left 'cos I had broken all my eyelashes while being drunk -___-;; So now I have new ones! yay! I hope I won't break those too fast.. ARGH, I wish I would remember to take them off before I go to sleep/pass out -___-;; Ok, Last time I DID! ....but at my friend's neighbours' place, ages before going to bed. What the fuck, that made no sense at all!! XD

AND I LOVE MY SISTER!!!!! <3 Looooook what she's gonna buy me!

She ordered it today! I've been telling her (and you guys :D) How I need a new bag, and she told me that she can buy me one for my name day :D So, yesterday I was surfing in the Internet to find nice bags. A while ago I was checking out Demonia's catalogue and I noticed this Straitjacket bag there. I fell in love immediately 'cos I absolutely love straitjackets. So, while surfing, I found a shop that sells these bags!!! There were only 2 left in the stock so I told my sister to order it immediately. It's gonna be mine!!! sooooooooon! ....ish.

And talking about straitjackets, I have to show you guys my school project I made for RockJet in the beginning of this year. I got to design a jacket for them. My idea was to make a jacket that can be transformed into a straitjacket. It became so fucking cool <3

isn't it hot??? >8DDD


  1. Onpas erikoisen hieno toi laukku! Ja sun tekemä takki kans :D Kuinka iso toi laukku oikein on?

    1. ööö se oli jotain 38x20cm! iiiihh, ei jaksa odottaaaaaa.