Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter 41: Eurovision 2012 Finale

Yayy, It's time for the Eurovision 2012 Finale! Even though I keep telling myself that it would be nice to watch the whole thing from the very beginning for once, the fact that I watch only the finale every year is more exciting! :D Anyway, I've made three different lists of all of the songs. The good ones, the bad ones, and the average ones. 

This is not supposed to be a review because I totally suck at making them XD I just want to share my opinion. I don't have that much to say about some songs. That's because either they sucked that bad I went speechless, or there just wasn't anything special in them.

The songs I liked:

United Kingdom - I think the song was beautiful ^^
Russia -  HAHA! Gotta love those old ladies <3<3<3 They're so adorable!! 

Iceland - At first I wasn't sure if I liked this one or not, it was pretty dull in the beginning. But I really liked the violin solo and the rest of the song was pretty good! And I absolutely loved the woman's dress *-*

Italy - DAMN. Absolutely awesome!!! The song was excellent, the singer's voice was perfect, and the SHOW was very good. Nothing extra, just the back-up
 singers, no random half naked guys jumping all over the stage. Ah, me likey <3

Azerbaijan - Very beautiful. Almost hypnotic *-*

Denmark - Girl energy! + two guys :D I'm not sure if I really liked the song, but I put the song here 'cos I absolutely loved the drummer!!! The energy was just awesome!

Turkey - EPIC :DDD!!! Sailor teams always kick ass <3  
Germany - Cute song ^^
Malta - Cute song pt. 2, cute band! :D

The Fails:

Albania - BOOOORIIIIING. The song was just weird... The woman's dress was hideous, her hair was ever more weird, and her face didn't look so great either XD Lol, I know I shouldn't be judging the looks, but I can't help it :DDD Oh well, she did sing the high notes very well. meh. 

Cyprus - ARGH. The basic fast eurovision song by a female artist. These kind of songs really annoy me -___-;; And the girl didn't even sound good live. pfff.

Romania - -_____-;; Not so far from Cyprus. 

Ireland - uh.... dafuq?? Ok ok, there was SOMETHING cute in the twins but... The whole set was just so random :DDDD

The Average:

Hungary - The song was ok, but the singer's voice was in a terrible shape, and the players looked stupid -__-;; Ok, not all of them, but the guitarist did. What the hell was he doing on stage, the whole song didn't even have guitar sounds in it?! dafuq -___-;;

Lithuania - Meh, just a basic pop song. I liked the guy's moves though :DD
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Beautiful song, but it just didn't hit me. It was just "ok".

France - The song was not my type, but I liked the singer's voice. And her corset! :D She could have had a bit more covering pants though XD

Estonia - Almost made me fall asleep :D But I've heard worse and the guy had a nice voice.

Norway - The Adam Lambert of Norway :DDDDD That's all I can say, really.

Sweden - Meh, I've heard this song soooo many times -___-;; I must say though that the show was very good, and if I hadn'ät heard this before now, I might have liked this a lot :D And Loreen's voice is awesome. 

Spain - An ok song, kinda reminded me of Leona Lewis' songs o_O

Macedonia - hmmm, The song was fine, but there was something weird in it. It may have been the singer's voice, but at the same time it was kinda cool. ikd o_o

Serbia - ARGH. It started so well!! ;__; And the music was very beautiful but the singer kinda ruined the whole thing >__< The song was still beautiful but idk, something was missing :<

Ukraine - meeehh, Didn't like the song, but I wouldn't consider it as a complete failure either. 

Moldova - The song and show was funny, but the lyrics were a bit too random in my opinion :DD

While waiting for the results, it was so awesome that Mr. Lordi was announcing the points of Finland! :DDD

And the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiis: SWEDEN. What a huge surprise... :D but! The lovely grandmas from Russia became second! yay! ^^ And poor Norway :DD It went very bad for them. All the teen aged girls will be veeeery disappointed :D

Now, let's wait for the Eurovision 2013!


  1. Hi Camilla..what an awesome was fun watching all the singers! thanks!Nina has a beautiful voice!

    1. Thank you! ^^ Yeah, it was pretty exciting, even though it was very sure that Sweden will win :D I was also surprised that there were so many songs I liked o_O Usually I don't like the songs in Eurovision contest :D

  2. Tykkäsin tuosta Ninan kappaleesta. Tervetuloa lukijaksi blogiini. Sulla on kiva blogi:)Käyn täällä aina välillä kurkkaamassa. Mukavaa päivää.

    1. Jep, se oli niin mahtava mun mielestä. Mutta niinku joka vuosi, tollasen peruslattean pop-biisin pitää joka vuosi voittaa. Onhan se Loreen ihan ok mutta pläää... :D

      Kiitos kiitos! ^^ Ja mukava saada lisää lukijoita tännekin! Seuraa toki jatkossakin :D