Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chapter 27: Did some more shopping!

A few days ago my mum gave me some money so I could buy some new clothes. I was in a desperate need of trousers, so earlier this week I bought the Vixxsin-pants I told you guys about earlier. And today, I decided to make another shopping tour in the centre of Seinäjoki and found these:

I found the pink jeans I've been dreaming about for ages!! AND black mini shorts I've been wanting for a while as well. 

At first I was very disappointed in the clothes the shops have atm. Ok, I'm glad that there are A LOT more colors than last year, but they are still a bit pale >___< Anyway, in the end I found these and I was VERY lucky because those jeans and shorts were exactly I had hoped for. yay <3

The price for the jeans was 49,90€ and for the shorts 29,90. I also need new shoes and a bag, but I didn't find anything nice today :< My sister told me that I should check EMP, if they have some bags. She also said that she could buy me a bag for my name day :DD yay! I think I will, I love EMP <3

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