Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chapter 7: You gotta fight! For your rights! To paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarteeeeeeeehh!!

My poor head.... @___@ Oh how I love hangovers... not. Oh well, at least I haven't been throwing up like crazy, which is great! :D

Yesterday was so fucking AWESOME! <3 I saw people I hadn't seen in months! Some I hadn't seen in whole year ;__; I missed those guys <3 I also met new lovely people! 

At first my friend's place was a bit quiet, but it wasn't for long :D More people started to show up and I became drunk very quickly. I drank a lot... @__@ When my dad saw all the booze I took with me he was like "Krista, please...." I said "Oh come on, I'm not gonna drink allof this!" krhm.... yeah right XDDDD I did...  But I seriously didn't plan to!! That's why I'm surprised my hangover isn't worse than this :D 

I arrived my friend's place at 6pm or something. I was so happy to see Ville and Jouni! ^^ But Petri wasn't there -___-;; He was sleeping 'cos he had been too drunk on Thursday :D He joined us later that evening though :D It was also nice to meet Petri's gf, Meri! Finally! They have been together fot almost a year now but I haven't been able to meet her ;__; but now I did! ^^ She's such an awesome person! ...aaaaaand then there was this one guy, Antti. God damn it I love that dude XDDDD He's so fucking awesome.

Hmm, Pictures will tell you more about the evening... :D

Jouni :D

Me, Meri, Antti and Ville

Ville and me ^^


what the... XD

:D Petri

Saku and Miso, aww ^^

:D ..... lovely

XD he's so pretty

^^ <3 Petri, Janna, me and Heidi

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