Monday, May 27, 2013

We Heart It -challenge

Yayy! I got a challenge! From a lovely friend of mine, Liisa, Thank you! *-* 

The idea of the challenge is to answer 10 questions by using pictures from a website called We Heart It. The challenge took a loooong time to make, mostly because the website was a real pain in the ass XDD It was lagging all the time, and sometimes it was a bit hard to find things that I like here :D But I managed! Here it is:

1. The hair of your dreams

Long and silver with a liiiiitle bit of purple in it *_____* Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever get my hair to be like that..... I have a feeling that it will work only with people who have naturally blonde hair ;__; My own haircolor is so dark and it hassome red pigment in it so pfffffffff......

2. A city of your dreams

London. I have been there once and I fell in love with it completely. It's so beautiful and people are amazing there. If I would move abroad, I think I would move there.

3. The apartment of your dreams

pffffffffff, if I had money like garbage, I wouldn't buy myself an apartment, I would buy a fucking mansion. For real. Or build one :D But I do prefer very old mansions, so I believe I would just renovate one <3 mmmmm.... 

4. Your favourite clothes

 mmm.. Alternative fashion <3 I'm still very much in love with gothic and other alternative styles, but I myself prefer wearing jeans and T-shirts nowadays :D I have noticed that I don't wear skirts so much anymore, and fluffy skirts I don't wear at all, or very seldom. I still wear corsets though, and I love dresses! *-* But I'm still making sure that my clothes stand out from the crowd and are from alternative clothing brands!

5. What you like to do on your freetime




6. Things you'd like to own

Money. Shitloads of it.

A proper computer that would actually work...
7. A person you would like to look like

Rose Shock. She's so fucking gorgeous and stunning and beautiful and skjhsöhgsfjhghlägfh. AND her make-up skills are beyond amazing... If you haven't heard of her yet, you really should check out her blog.

8. The man of your dreams

80's rocker with long hair and tight jeans. Just look at Bret Michaels in this one......... Holyfuckingshit. <3 Why does my boyfriend have to hate 80's rock... WHY ;___; 

9. You as a cartoon character

The neurotic Alice. Ok, it's not really a cartoon character, it's a video game character, but oh well... When I was playing Alice: Madness Returns, I could relate to her completely... <3 She's trying her best to be sane and to get better, but her mind is still in million pieces. I'm living in my own Wonderland myself sometimes... 

10. Random picture 

<3 So cute. My mood has been a bit dark lately, so I searched pictures with a word "grotesque". mmm, I love grotesque things <3

I would like to challenge the following people:

And anyone who wants to give this challenge a try!! ^^


  1. roope rakastaa 80-luvun rokkia + kiharat hiusset ja farkkutakki♥ :--)

  2. Kiitos haasteesta, täähän vaikuttaa kivalta! ♥ :)

    1. ^^ ole hyvä! Mutta tosiaan kärsivällisyyttä tarvitaan koska tuo sivusto vammaa aikalailla :DD

  3. That hair of your dreams. You know, it's not un-do-able. I could fix that for you if you ever came to belgium XD

    Just use lots and lots of bleach. Your hair is pretty light as it is, so just go one or two tones lighter and you should be all right. this chick has the best tutorials for that kinda hair. I tried it, and worked out very nicely. (did a part of my hair pastel pink XD)

    1. oh, thanks for the tutorial!!! (the chick is fucking crazy... XD) The problem is, that I really need a tutorial for the hair she has in the beginning, before dying it light purple. Just because I'm a fucking noob XDDD I keep losing my nerves with my hair all the time ;__; Oh well, I'm going to the hair dresser soon so maybe she can do something about it...

  4. You just need bleach. Go to any goth/alternative store that sells hairdyes (like directions or manic panic) and ask if they have a bleaching kit. Then you follow the instructions. Piece of cake :D

    Or you let the hairdresser bleach the shit out of it.