Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chapter 36: Hevisaurus!!!

gaaaahh! I had forgotten how AWESOME that band is *___*

For those who don't know them, it's a heavy metal band for kids. The members are known from other famous Finnish metal bands, and in this one they're dressed as dinosaurs! :D The songs are very well made, it's real heavy metal, but the melodies are taken from old children's songs. They also have a lot of own songs, and the lyrics are very cheerful :D ...except one song that tells about the extinction of mammoths, it's really sad ;___; I seriously almost burst to tears when I heard it the first time XD


yay, I finally got the energy to play some bass today!! I started to practise Lareine's Saikai no Hana. I like that song, it's so.. happy! :D And Emiru's bass lines are always so lovely. Every time I listen to Lareine I start to think "I want to learn that and that and that...." The practising is a bit slow though 'cos I'm learning the song by ear. oh well, I'll finish it someday @__@

I love this band *-* It's interesting how much Kamijo's voice has changed during the years O__O He's in Versailles now, which is also one of my favourite bands.

my four stringed baby <3

oh and! My friend cooked some lovely apple apple gratin *__* Friend oat and apples with vanilla ice cream. Soooo gooood x___x omnomnom ...and now I'm about to explode. ;__;

I'm so tired @___@ gotta go to work tomorrow, so I should be in bed :D OH BTW, There was a puppy at RockJet today!!! A customer hold a small dog in her arms, I HAD to go pet it. It was too adorable ;___; My work mate was rolling her eyes while she was watching me going bananas XDDD

ps. Adele is trying to rape Ada O___O creeepyyyyy....

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