Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winter holiday

Home sweet home!! Sooooo tired.... x____x

My holiday was very lovely <3 Me and my boyfriend went to Vantaa to visit his cousin's family. There are two small boys in the family, aged 1 and 3. They are such wonderful kids *____* Jere, the 1-year-old, is the easiest baby on this WHOLE planet!!! He's so happy and likes everyone. He gets along with me so well *-* I love making him smile by goofing around, hahah <3 His big brother, Jesse, on the other hand is a goddamn mess XDDDD He's so wild and running all over the place and screaming and getting on his parents' nerves :DDD But he's still lovely as well ^^ gahh... Those visits don't help my baby fever at all XD

So yeah, in the day time me and Joni were hanging out all over Vantaa and in the evenings we played with the kids. It was so much fun, but at the same time very tiring x____x We arrived on Saturday and on Wednesday I was so tired that I didn't do anything :DD Well, actually I was very sick as well, I cought a cold ;___;

On Sunday, February 24th, we went to Heureka to see the Body Worlds exhibition. The exhibition consists of REAL human bodies and human organs. It was SO. FUCKING. COOL. I must say it was very creepy at the same time to stare a dead human being with just bones and muscles so close you could touch them. The bodies and organs are plastinated, which means that the bodily fluids are replaced with plastic. Only the eyes of the people are 100% plastic, because the bodies could be recognized if they had the real eyes. And also eyeballs are hard to conserve o_O That's what I heard in the exhibition!

The bodies of the exhibition are donated by the people themselves who have wanted to give their body to science. So no grave robbery here :DDD When I read about the exhibition, I thought that it would be cool to donate my body for something like this!! :D But when I saw the exhibition, I changed my mind: the bodies had been put into very weird positions, and even exploded to pieces :DDDD It would be VERY traumatic to people who would recognize their loved ones in the exhibition.


The pictures are NOT taken by me. I took them from the internet. I wasn't sure if photographing was allowed or not so I didn't take any pictures myself >___<

The exhibition also had this section where they showed pregnancy and babies. I didn't go watch that 'cos I couldn't. I didn't want to see dead babies and foetuses.... In addition the exhibition showed the anatomy of animals as well. There were no whole animal bodies in Finland's exhibition, but they had chicken's blood vessels for example. It was very interesting 'cos it seems like an impossible idea to destroy everything except the blood vessels from a body o_o But because of plastination it's possible!

Blood vessels of a rabbit. Poor bunny ;____;

So, yeah. That was Body Worlds. If you have the opportunity and a stomach strong enough to go see this exhibition, PLEASE DO, it's EPIC. You can read more about the exhibition here.

Before we left Heureka, we drank slushies!! BRAIN FREEZE. But they're so gooooood <3

On the left is my beautiful Blue slushie! It's my favourite. My bf's on the other hand.... it's ugly as fuck :DDDDDDD He wanted to mix Coca Cola, energy drink and Blue... blergh.
My tongue turned blue!!! O_O ....and my eyeglasses are crooked XDDD Derp.

On Monday we went to a spa/water park called Flamingo. We got this cool deal of Water park and Spa-area 2 for 1!! The original price for one person of both spa and water park is about 37€, but now it was just 18€ 'cos we went there as a couple!! o_o not bad 8D The Water Park was very nice! 4 different slides and a big pool area. I don't like water so I bet I was a hilarious sight :DDDD I was holding my boyfriend's hand the entire time XD

After we had had fun at the Water park we decided to go check the Relaxing Spa -area. Oh my God. I think I have NEVER been that relaxed. It was so lovely. There was this 50cm, deep hot mineral water pool. I wanted to stay there forever!!!! It was so warm, and it seemed to be good for my skin as well!! Joni had to drag me away from there in the end XDDD The spa area also had 4 different saunas! A traditional Finnish sauna, two steam saunas (apple and pinewood scented) and a rosemary sauna that was my other favourite in addition to the mineral pool!! The temperature was only 45 Celcius degrees, so I could have stayed there forever as well :DDDD Aaaaaahhh, I wanna go back.... I want to book a hotel room from Flamingo for a week and go to relax every evening @______@ <3<3<3

On Tuesday we went to Helsinki to eat and do some shopping! We didn't visit so many shops, but I did find some nice things!! ^^

New trousers!! I love them so much *____* My boyfriend hates them though XD He said that a "terrible accident" will happen to them some day. I have to protect them!! o_o Anyway, I bought them from Morticia. They were on sale so they cost only 20€! yaaay!

When we had arrived to Seinäjoki we decided to go to the supermarket to get some food for the weekend (we had our luggage with us). We were confused when the alarm started ringing and we were stopped by the salesperson. A perfect What the fuck! -moment :DDD We noticed that it was my shopping bag that set the alarm so I let the woman to check the bag. And look what we found!

The seller in Morticia had forgotten the plastic piece that sets the alarm into the trousers!!! :D Fucking great... The next day I had to walk to some random clothing shop to get it removed. The alarm started ringing there as well -______-;; awesome. But it was no problem for them to remove it, luckily :DDD

I have been in a need of a new belt for ages already. And now I finally bought one!! Too bad it doesn't fit -____-;; I need to make more holes in it so I can use it, it's too big for me now. It's M size. I was going to by an S, but it was too small, which is weird for my tiny body :DD Anyway, I think it's pretty ^^

Moar eyelasheeeeeessss!!! And glue. Me and my friends are going to the gay pride next summer, so when I saw these I thought that I HAVE to get them!!! They're so cute!! And because it's gay pride, I want to wear something rainbow colored <3

Soooo, that's about it! oops, this became a long post. I hope you guys didn't fall asleep, lol.

OH AND!!! Over 4000 views in my blog now! Thank you so much!!!! ^^<3

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