Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter 38: New items!

Yayyy, we got a lot of cool stuff today at work! It was a nice day 'cos there were so many new items that we had a lot to do ^^

Luv Bunny and Cupcake Cult ^^

A shitload of new shirts! Mainly from Cupcake Cult <3 But still not my Pikachu ;___; I considered of buying the Winnie the Pooh -one, but after I had looked at it for a while, it make me sad XD I like Winnie the Pooh ;__; so I didn't like watching Winnie the Pooh eating Piglet, boohoo. But actually I'm glad that there were no items that I absolutely HAD to get :DD I would have spent a lot of money again... @__@

We also got new accessories, and the donut neclaces just stole my heart :DDD They're so cute!! And they were so soft that actually felt like real donuts o___o And the frosting and sprinkles look so real as well! yummy!

Lol, the tiny donuts were so edible that I had to get myself a real donut from Arnolds XDDD mmmmm I love their donuts. BUT!! NO SPRINKLES IN MY DONUT!!! >8(((( I is disappoint.



  1. addsadsaf cupcake cult. ♥
    ne on nii ihania, mul on vaan joku ongelma niiden kanssa ku ne mallit on jotenki hassuja >: leveitä ja lyhyitä. yhyy. mut ne on silti ihania. ♥

    1. no älä *-* <3
      aijaa o__O Mulla sattuu oleen vaan yks cupcaken paita tähän mennes ja se on ihan hyvä mulle. Tosin se on perus T-paita, noista ladyfiteistä en sitte tiä, pitäis kokeilla jossain vaihees!
      Toinen ihana merkki on Heartless <3