Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chapter 42: Modelling time!

New pictures of my babies! ^^
Their warm and messy nest :DDD
whoooo, what's this?

gahh! The lighting! Or as my friend's friend said: ‎"Just getting high on body lotion, mate." XDDD

XD They are always after my body lotions. They seem to love them. a lot. I always have to keep on eye on them that they don't eat it. This time I had to get a picture of this though XD But they didn't get the lotion in their mouth 'cos the hole in the bottle is so small. 

bass rat

Mooooom?? This is kinda high...

How artistic.

Ada. My precious baby girl <3

butt. XD


  1. I would let you add me on facebook if I actually used facebook :) I shut it down recently. (becoming paranoid that the government is keeping track of me hahahah) yes I know I'm insane :) haha I'll start it up again sometime though :)

    1. ooooooh, right :D Well, I kinda understand you :DD And yeah, it really does suck that you can't actually remove your account for real >___< Oh well, let me know if you get back there! ^^

  2. lol you can't delete a facebook account btw. It's always there even if I shut it down temporarily -__- that's what I don't like about facebook.

  3. Hehei missä liikeessä sä oikein oot duunissa? kun tsekkasin että tän postauksen paidat oli kovin kivoja :D

    1. Vaasan RockJetissä! ^^ Jep, mäki rakastan meidän paitavalikoimaa *__* Mulla on palanu ihan kiva summa tuonne tämän harjottelun aikana. :DDD Palkkaa en saa mutta HENKILÖKUNTA-ALENNUS FTW \o/ ....en nyt sitten tiä onko toi niin hyvä asia mun lompakon kannalta XD