Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chapter 40: Watership Down

I just watched Watership Down, a cartoon for adults that my friend recommended for me a long time ago. I didn't watch it back then, but today I found the movie by accident and decided to watch it.

It tells a story about a group of rabbits who leave their home because a young rabbit, Fiver, gets a scary vision where their home gets destroyed by people. During their journey to find a new home, they make some new friends, but also face lots of enemies. The biggest enemy is the General Woundwort. 

Most of the time I didn't enjoy watching it 'cos I love bunnies. It wasn't nice to watch them killing each other or get killed by other animals ;___; I kept watching it though because I did like it somehow. There also were a few funny scenes, thanks to Kehaar, a goofy bird with funny accent :DDD In addition to Kehaar, my favourite characters were Fiver and Hazel, the brothers. I felt so bad for Fiver 'cos he was so scared all the time. Hazel was always trying to calm him down. 



I almost cried in the ending 'cos it was so sad ;___; well, bittersweet, actually. But I'm not gonna spoil it for you guys if some of you would actually watch this :D I do recommend it though if you like realistic cartoons!


  1. Aw, that's one of my favorite movies. <3

    1. haha, for me it was just confusingly good. that even a word XD