Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chapter 37: Free stuff!

Today I was at work with my boss' wife. She was cleaning places and she found some stuff that weren't in sale anymore so she gave some for me :D yay!

Two bags! They're not so well made though -___-;; The material is almost like paper, if you put too much stuff in them they break immediately... :D But oh well, they're cute! I love the clothes of Queen of Darkness, I want to buy some of them for myself *__* I hadn't heard of that brand before my internship in RockJet to be honest o__O fail.
I hadn't heard about Celebrity Babe either :D We have some shirts on sale in RockJet and they're pretty cute. And the bag is just adorable!!! *___*

And then, I finally remembered to ask the price of a necklace I found from some random children's necklace stash a few weeks ago :DD Kirsti said: "nah, it costs nothing, just take it!" Awesome!!! and the necklace is:

ARGH, all my cameras suck balls....
SPIDERMAAAAAN! XD it's not for me. My cousin's daughter goes bananas of Spiderman :DDD I'm going to visit them in Stockholm in the summer, I can give it to Ines then ^^ <3

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