Saturday, May 12, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 19

Day 19 - A picture of something you love to do

gahh, bass, sewing, bass, sewing.... BASS!! 

I do like sewing and designing clothes, but music has always been my passion. I started with guitar when I was 8 years old, played for 2 years and stopped. ...I've never regretted anything that much... I WOULD BE SO FUCKING GOOD!!! I've also played piano, but because I haven't touched it in ages either, I've decided that I was born to be a bassist.

I have to get some covers done, I'll post them here when I do ! ^^ In the summer, I promise! And in the autumn when I go back to Jyväskylä, I start searching a  band! I have to get to play again!! Properly, not alone at home ;__;

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