Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chapter 43: Fashion Shop

This week I've been working in my boss' other shop called Fashion Shop. He's in London for business with his son, so there's no one else to take care of the boutique so I'm here then ^^ (I'm jealous as fuck of the trip though... >___<!!! )

As you can see, the shop is pretty different from RockJet XD The clothes are mainly for older people, but there are a few clothes for young people as well. They never visit the shop though :DDD Or if they do, very seldom :D 

It has been ok to work here though, even though I'm not into serving old people :D Some of them look at me woth a very judging look -___-;; bleh, oh well, who cares. Of course there has been many nice customers as well! This is not new to me, I used to work in a shop called Korelia, in my hometown, and it's just like this shop and the customers are the same kind :D

lol, I'm such a good granddaughter! The clothes are VERY cheap in this shop, so I decided to buy a shirt for my grandmother 'cos I'm going to visit her and my other relatives this weekend. Can't wait! I've missed all the people there :< My uncles and my small cousins <3 

The shirt I bought, it cost royal 4,90€ :D I hope she likes it.
pfff... the truth is that I'm not a good granddaughter at all... So I'm trying to make it up for her. -____-;; By buying cheap clothes? fail. I never call her, and I visit her very seldom, once a year... I know I should call her more, I called her this week to tell that I'm coming over because of my cousin's graduation party, she was SO HAPPY 'cos I had called her myself. She always calls me, and sometimes I don't even answer. That's because I'm either busy, or just having a crappy day. She doesn't know about my depression... No one from my father's side does. but it's better that way. I know my grandma would burst to tears if she knew... @___@ 

Oh well, I know this weekend is gonna be awesome ^^ <3 And I'll try to get to visit her later this summer as well with my dad!

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