Saturday, May 19, 2012

100 Day Picture Challenge - Day 26

Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you

My graduation ring

sorry, The picture is dark >___<
 My mother had bought my sister a ring when she graduated from high school, so she insisted to buy me one as well when I graduated. When I saw this one it hit immediately! I knew it was The One :D My mum didn't agree with me though, she said it looked like a "grandmother ring" lol XD She also asked me if we could check the other shop as well so we could see other options as well. I said yes, but none of the other shop's rings gave me the vibe. So we went back to the first shop. My mum was still trying to convince me to get some other ring, but I seriously didn't like them ;___; As always, my mum was trying to control me and get me bound to her will. But finally she understood me and let me have the ring I wanted. Thank god -____-;; I want the ring to perfect, and I have to LIKE it so I can wear it. The price of the ring was 189€ if I remember right.

The seller told us that the ring is inspired by Princess Diana's engagement ring. My ring has a black stone and it's gold, Diana's was blue and silver. Kinda cool :D And it's so prettyyyyy *-*

Princess Diana's ring

The ring is very important to me because it's so beautiful, I've NEVER had a ring like that. There had been situations where the ring has almost fell off my finger and I've always been close to a heart attack @__@ And yeah, I know I should be saying something like "The ring is important to me because I got it from my mother blablablah" buuuut I'm not... The relationship between me and my mother is VERY complicated so... yeah.. meh. -___-;;

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