Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding gift no. 6: Baby blanket

This the last one :D A baby blanket with a bunny head ^^

derpy eyes.

I know it looks like the head isn't in the centre, but it is! :D

I don't have any instructions for this, I "invented" the instructions by myself :D At first I just made a big granny square. The head is just a ball, and the ears are small "tubes" :D Me so creative \o/ The yarn is 100% acryl, the same yarn as I used in the onesie I posted earlier. The eyes are made of felt, and the mouth is sewn with pink yarn. 

I must say that I really love this one :D I LOVE animal themed baby blankets, and I'm crazy about bunnies. Maybe I'm gonna make one for myself, lol XD

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding gift no. 5: Baby onesie/body

Here's a baby onesie I made ^^

Unfortunately, I don't have the instructions anymore >___< This onesie was a mix of two different instructions :D The onesie had no sleeves, so I added the sleeves from some hoodie instructions. 

I don't remember the actual yarn either XD I'm sorry... I mean, I don't remember the brand, but it was called Pehmoinen (=Soft) and it's 100% acryl. So it really is soft *__* 

I'm not that into the doggie-patch :D It's so... old-fashioned :D So 90's XD But it would have looked really boring otherwise so I had to put something there :D

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wedding gift no. 4: Baby dungaree

Here's a baby shorts dungaree! ^^

I really love the yarn in this one. It was so much fun to work with 'cos it changes color all the time! It keeps the working very interesting :D My mum bought the yarn from Lidl, so it doesn't have any special brand (the package just says Sock Yarn, lol XD), but the material is 48% cotton, 39% wool and 13% polyamid. Crochet hook I used was 3mm.

The instructions I used are from a blog called Linda's Crafty Corner. It's a very nice craft blog! You should check it out ^^

I think I put too many buttons in the legs :D But oh well, at least they stay closed! XD (wait..... that sounded so wrong.............) AND. The teddy bear in the front was so hard to find -____-;; It was very hard to find ANY fun fabric patches that can be ironed. But in the end I found some, luckily.

Right now, I'm working on another dungaree, 'cos a friend ordered one from me ^^ I use the same yarn, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna use the same green on the edging, and also I have to find another patch with a boy-theme :D Thank God Jyväskylä has a very good selection in that case :D

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding gift no. 3: Baby hoodie

Hello peeps! Here's a baby hoodie I made for my niece! (Yes, it's gonna be a baby giiiirl ^^ <3)

The hoodie was made by using these instructions, finally something in English as well, yaaay! I think this was the first English crochet instruction that I had ever used, so it was pretty challenging at first :D But after that, I have only used English instructions, because there is so much more awesome instructions available in the Internet in English, the Finnish instructions are so lame .___. And to be honest, I don't think I could read the Finnish ones anymore XDDD

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the yarn, Novita Baby or something it was o__O But it's 100% acryl and I used 4mm hook.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding gift no. 2: Crocheted baby sneakers

Here are the crocheted baby sneakers I have made! 

The instructions I used are in Finnish, again, but I bet there are many instructions for these in English as well! I'm gonna link the instructions anyway 'cos I have Finnish readers as well :D You can read them here

Once again, I had to adapt the instructions a little, 'cos I used different kind of yarn etc... The yarns I used were wool (black) and acryl (white). If you make these, I suggest you use cotton yarn, because it will make the sneakers more stiff. Because of my wool and acryl yarns, the sneakers became very soft, so they're more like socks :D I they still turned out good, I think :D

Oh and :D A funny thing happened. I just uploaded all the wedding gift photos to my Facebook-page, and I immediately got three orders :DDD Two beanies (see the previous post) and one dungaree (you'll see later ^^)! So, if you know someone who has a baby and would like to buy handmade clothes or toys, just let me know! I'd be happy to make them for sale ^^

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding gift no. 1: Baby beanie with a tuft

Here is the first crochet craft I'm gonna show you: a baby beanie with a tuft. 

I wanted to make a soft, warm beanie 'cos my nephew/niece will be born in December, so it's gonna be cold then. Tiny head must be warm <3

At first I tried to make the hat by using these instructions (in Finnish, sorry), but I just couldn't make it work @___@ I had different kind of yarn and different sized hook, so the measurements were fucked up all the time, so in the end I decided to make it my own way. At first I had tried to start crocheting from the top of the hat, which didn't work, so when I started crocheting from the lower end and made everything "in reverse", the hat turned out fine :D 

The yarn I used is called Novita Usva, and the hook was 3 or 4mm. I'm sorry, I can't remember which one, I made the hat ages ago XD But I think it was 3mm o_O The yarn was thick, so I I wanted to use a smaller hook to make the hat firm.

I think it looks pretty cute :D I just hope it fits o___O As I'm working in a children's clothing store atm, I have learned that some babies' heads can be enormous XDD Oh well, we'll see :D

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jade Advertising Model Agency -photoshoot

I think I mentioned before that I'm gonna take part in a photoshoot that will put me in the lists of a model agency. The photoshoot was June 25th! Here are the pictures :D

Shirt - Iron Fist
Shorts - Big Point
Tights - Somewhere in Stockholm o__O
Shoes - CityMarket (lol XD)

I must say I'm not 100% satisfied with the pictures .____. I got the whole film, but the rest of the pictures are Preview-pictures, so I'm not allowed to use them. Well, I couldn't use them anyway 'cos they have this huge PREVIEW-text in the middle of the picture XD Anyway, there were SO MANY good pictures, and they decided to choose the crappy ones -____-;; I really like the last one, but the rest I would have wanted to change :DD I could order some more pictures but I don't want to spend any more money, I already paid 75€ for these four... >___< 

The photoshoot was fun though! It lasted for 30 minutes. I was very nervous 'cos I have never done any kind of modelling, I haven't even been in a studio before! Ok, I have, but I was very little back then o_O My point is, I have not been photographed by a professional so much :D The photographer gave very good instructions so I didn't feel that lost, which was good :D The most challenging part was when I was supposed to show different kind of emotions. I CAN*T ACT XD Ok, I can, but way too dramatically, so the pictures wouldn't be taken seriously :D There were two good shots though, the surprised one (the second picture above) and an angry one :D I can't act sad so seriously, so there weren't any good pictures about that, only my sulking face XD I have always been interested in acting, actually, but I've always been too shy >___< I mean, I can act goofy and dramatic in a humorous way, but if I have to act serious, sad or furious, no fucking way :D That's why the emotion part was so hard for me @___@

 I got some very good feedback from the photographer, just in case I'm gonna do more modelling someday :D She said that I did very well for a first timer, and she couldn't see that I was nervous (lol wut.) The only bad thing was, that when I was moving, I was moving to fast so she didn't have the time to take the picture XD But it feels so fucking awkward to stay still in a stupid position for several seconds XDDD pffff... 

Oh well, I'm on the website now,, but it doesn't mean that I would get any gigs :D But, it was still a very nice and interesting experience :D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sowwyyyyyyyyyy... @____@

Damn, it's been over a month since I've written here! Sorryyy >____< I've been very busy and tired and all kinds of shit, so I haven't found the energy to write, even though I have had many things to say/show you :D There was my sister's wedding, I have shopped and received new lovely stuff, and I can finally show you the baby crafts I made for my sister and her husband as a wedding gift! ^^ Also, my internship started this month and I've been to job interviews ^^

There's no way I'm gonna post all of those things this time, you'll get bored 'cos the post would be HUGE XD I haven't received all the pictures of the wedding, so I can't make a proper wedding post yet, but I have a couple of pictures to show you :D I know I promised to show you my whole outfit, but goddammit, I forgot to take pictures -______-;; I hope my father or the photographer have been good paparazzis then :DDD

The newlyweds <3

gift table

The cake decoration. The groom is dragging the shopping bride. it's PERFECT :DDD

Wedding dance <3
And now, pictures of me and my boyfriend. DANCING. Derpety derp derp.... It was fun though XD But I can't dance that well XD It was the basic waltz, so it was fine :DD The bad thing was, my feet were killing me and my dress just wouldn't stay up >_____< I was pulling it up the entire evening which was VERY annoying :DDDD If I'm going to use it as a graduation dress next year, I'm gonna make straps on it -________-;;; Anyway, you can see some of my outfit here, I just hate how shaky the pictures are... :<

The Derp -compilation XDDDD

purrr <3

So, that's all for now, I'm trying to write more, more often :DDD

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colorful crochet hooks!

Finally I bought them, the colorful crochet hooks I've been drooling for a while now! Look how cute they are!!

The sizes of the hooks are pretty big, 5,6,7,8 and 10 (mm), so they are planned for bigger and thicker projects. I've been thinking about crocheting carpets! I got the idea from my friend who said that she would also like to start crocheting, by making carpets. I have no place to put them yet though, so I think I'm gonna wait until next spring when I move out this tiny shithole, to (hopefully) live together with my boyfriend! <3

I finished one baby-project again <3 I have crocheted.... *counts* 5 presents for my future nephew/niece now! :DDD three more presents to come ^^ after that I could crochet something for myself as well :D and I should also bring my Etsy-shop back to life, I only have one product there atm >___<

Monday, June 10, 2013

Outfits with a corset

Yooo, just wanted to show a couple of outfits from last week. Both are with a corset :D

Dress - my sister's :D (H&M?)
Corset - handmade by me

Shirt - MicMac
Corset - handmade by me
Shorts - Cubus
Pink tights - Cyber Shop

I noticed that the corset is broken ;___; One of the bones is sticking out from the seam -___-;; Oh well, luckily it fixable! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More shopping @ HELLsinki + holiday

Last week I was visiting Porvoo/Helsinki/Vantaa. In Porvoo I visited my uncle and his family, and after that me and my boyfriend went to Vantaa to visit his cousin's family, as always. On Thursday we went to Helsinki to do some shopping! Actually, he arrived at 2pm on Thursday and I had arrived there already at 11am, so I pretty much did my shopping alone. Meh. 

Once again. two of the pictures are in the wrong position, sorry -___-;; Stupid mofo-blogger...

Pink shorts 15€
Halloween 3, 5€
BB-cream 11€
Pink tights 7€
Black tights 10€

I have used all my foundation now, it lasted for maaaaany years 'cos I only use it when I go out to party :DD They make my face feel heavy and dirty, so I don't want to use them every single day @__@ Now I had to buy a new one, and I have heard that the BB-creams are ok so I wanted to try one as well! I bought it from Anttila. I tried this Rimmel's cream on my skin (hand), and it felt veeery soft and nice *-* I hope it does the same to my face :D We will see on Saturday! (going to party with my friends <3) 

HALLOWEEN 3!! From 1982. How lucky I was to find this one accidentally from Anttila *___* I will have them all! Sooooon... ish. 

Finally! Pink net-tights *____* I have wanted these for so long, and now I finally got them! I'm gonna wear them with normal black tights, it's gonna look epic!! 8D I would have wanted bigger holes, but Cyber Shop only had these, so I decided to buy them anyway 'cos I didn't wanna wait any longer :DDD  

These ones I bought for my sister's wedding. Which means I'm NOT gonna open the package before the wedding day, I know I'm gonna break them -______-;;; They are from Cyber Shop as well.

Aaaaand of course I had to get more shorts! :DD PINK!!! <3 I bought these from Cubus. I love that shop *___* It's not alternative fashion, but still they have a lot of lovely clothes!! They opened a store in Jyväskylä as well, which is very nice ^^

I was also supposed to buy contact lenses. I have dreamed about them for a long time as well, but I haven't bought any 'cos I'm too scared to put them in my eyes XDDD fail... This time I didn't buy them 'cos I was invited for a photo shoot in Helsinki in the end of this month. It's a modelling agency called Jade Model, that "hires" models for different kinds of commercials. Actually the agency doesn't hire anything, it's their customers that do :D I have to pay for the photos so they will put them to their websites where the customers can look at them and choose a model that they like. It's gonna be very interesting O__O I have never done any kind of modelling before so we'll see how it goes. And even if I will pay for the photos it doesn't mean I will get the gigs.. But you have to take risks in life!! :D

While I was visiting Porvoo, me and my uncle and my cousin went to a zoo, Korkeasaari in Helsinki ^^ I love that place <3 We took a shitload of pictures, almost 200 XDD I also found a new lovely animal there! GUNDI. Oh my god they're so cute ;__; 

JUST LOOK AT THEM ;_____; <3 The ears <3 hihihihi

What else what else.... I've been crocheting like crazy!!! Baby stuff <3 Unfortunately I can't show them to you yet 'cos they are kind of a wedding gift for my sister and her fiancé (they might check my blog through Facebook). and yes, I'm going to be an AUNT!!!! <3 But I will post a lot of crocheted baby clothes after the wedding XDDD 

Oh and! It's my boyfriends birthday today!! 24 years he is. We're going to the movies to watch Hangover 3. I have no idea what to expect :DDD I didn't like the second one so much... I mean, it was funny and shit but... It just didn't work :DDD And I have heard that they're not even having a bachelor party in this new movie so what's the fucking point?? Oh well, we'll see :D

oops, this post became long. Sorry! 8D

Anna hyvän kiertää/Craft-challenge!!

This post is both in Finnish and English, just in case ^^ I found a very nice challenge!

Eli löysin siis eräästä blogista tosi kivan haasteen, tätä samaa käsityöhaastetta on tullut nähtyä silloin tällöin myös Facebookissa! Eli tämän blogitekstin kolme ensimmäistä kommentoijaa tulee saamaan multa jotain käsintehtyä (=virkattua) vuoden sisällä. Ideana olisi myös se, että mikäli kommentoinut henkilö omistaa blogin ja edes jonkinlaisia käsityötaitoja, hän osallistuu myös itse haasteeseen jakamalla sen blogissaan (tai FBssa).

Eli, osallistut haasteeseen kommentoimalla tähän tekstiin jotain, ja ilmoittamalla nimesi ja osoitteesi mulle sähköpostiin Pystyn virkkaamaan oikeastaan mitä vain kunhan vain ohjeet löytyy, joten toiveissa oikeastaan vain taivas on rajana (jos sekään kun aikaa on kuitenkin vuosi :DD). Tosin sen verran sanon, että jos oot toivomassa multa jotain kilometrin pituista huivia tai maahan ulottuvaa neuletakkia, niin sitten kyllä joudu veloittamaan lankojen hinnan. Muuten käsityöt pyritään antamaan ihan lahjana.

Eli ei muuta kuin kommentoimaan, nopeat syö hitaat!! ^^


The idea of this challenge is to make some sort of craft for the first three people who comment on this text. In my case it's crochet, and I have one year to make the craft for the person. I have seen this challenge also in Facebook every now and then, and this time I decided to join ^^ It would be nice if the people who comment have a blog or FB-account and any crafting skills, would also take part in this challenge by sharing it at their blog or Facebook.

So, just send a comment in this text and send your name and address to me by email, at I can crochet pretty much anything as long as I have instructions, so only he sky is the limit :DD I must say though, that if you are willing to have a big-ass scarf or a huge jacket or something else that is enormous, I must ask you to pay for the yarn. Otherwise, the idea is to crochet presents ^^

So, bring it on! Give me comments so let's see who are the lucky ones! 8D

Monday, May 27, 2013

We Heart It -challenge

Yayy! I got a challenge! From a lovely friend of mine, Liisa, Thank you! *-* 

The idea of the challenge is to answer 10 questions by using pictures from a website called We Heart It. The challenge took a loooong time to make, mostly because the website was a real pain in the ass XDD It was lagging all the time, and sometimes it was a bit hard to find things that I like here :D But I managed! Here it is:

1. The hair of your dreams

Long and silver with a liiiiitle bit of purple in it *_____* Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever get my hair to be like that..... I have a feeling that it will work only with people who have naturally blonde hair ;__; My own haircolor is so dark and it hassome red pigment in it so pfffffffff......

2. A city of your dreams

London. I have been there once and I fell in love with it completely. It's so beautiful and people are amazing there. If I would move abroad, I think I would move there.

3. The apartment of your dreams

pffffffffff, if I had money like garbage, I wouldn't buy myself an apartment, I would buy a fucking mansion. For real. Or build one :D But I do prefer very old mansions, so I believe I would just renovate one <3 mmmmm.... 

4. Your favourite clothes

 mmm.. Alternative fashion <3 I'm still very much in love with gothic and other alternative styles, but I myself prefer wearing jeans and T-shirts nowadays :D I have noticed that I don't wear skirts so much anymore, and fluffy skirts I don't wear at all, or very seldom. I still wear corsets though, and I love dresses! *-* But I'm still making sure that my clothes stand out from the crowd and are from alternative clothing brands!

5. What you like to do on your freetime




6. Things you'd like to own

Money. Shitloads of it.

A proper computer that would actually work...
7. A person you would like to look like

Rose Shock. She's so fucking gorgeous and stunning and beautiful and skjhsöhgsfjhghlägfh. AND her make-up skills are beyond amazing... If you haven't heard of her yet, you really should check out her blog.

8. The man of your dreams

80's rocker with long hair and tight jeans. Just look at Bret Michaels in this one......... Holyfuckingshit. <3 Why does my boyfriend have to hate 80's rock... WHY ;___; 

9. You as a cartoon character

The neurotic Alice. Ok, it's not really a cartoon character, it's a video game character, but oh well... When I was playing Alice: Madness Returns, I could relate to her completely... <3 She's trying her best to be sane and to get better, but her mind is still in million pieces. I'm living in my own Wonderland myself sometimes... 

10. Random picture 

<3 So cute. My mood has been a bit dark lately, so I searched pictures with a word "grotesque". mmm, I love grotesque things <3

I would like to challenge the following people:

And anyone who wants to give this challenge a try!! ^^