Monday, May 14, 2012

Chapter 32: Country, metal and whiskey

ahh, Saturday kicked ass <3 As I told you before, we went to Tampere first, and in the evening had a mini party :D Me, my sister and her bf. At first we barbequed some chicken and fish, the chicken was HEAVENLY. Why? because of a Jack Daniel's barbeque sauce *___* The foodgasm was HUGE. 


nom pt 2. Notice my kick-ass shirt! <3

R.I.P. fishie! ;__;

After the barbeque we went to sauna. ahhh, I hadn't been to sauna in many weeks, so it was lovely. It was a bit weird though 'cos I was a bit drunk already and the sauna is always relaxing, so now I was VERY relaxed :D Lol, if Heidi hadn't been with me, I probably would have fallen asleep there and come out looking like a fucking raisin. I have a feeling that that's why Heidi came with me, maybe she was worried or something :DD

After sauna we just chatted and listened to music. And drank. A lot. Heidi didn't feel like drinking so she only took a few. Jani and me shared a 0,5 l Jack Daniel's bottle, and in addition to that I drank two coolers and an Irish coffee, and one vodka drink :D Soooo... I have to fucking clue how many portions that makes. But I know that I drank too much, as always :DD I was like a fucking zombie in the morning. I was walking veeeery slowly and not even close to straight, and I couldn't say proper words, just.. "eeeeeeuuuuuhhh....." Heidi and Jani were laughing their asses off at me XD boohoo!

But the evening was totally worth the hangover!  ^^ We listened to some great music, mostly country and metal, but also a bit j-rock :D And also had very deep conversations XD lol. aaaaand I kinda made Jani cry with my guitar and piano covers :DDD I'll attach them here so you can listen to them! ^^ I hope you guys like them.

X Japan - Rose of Pain

Hanoi Rocks - Fallen Star

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