Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding gift no. 2: Crocheted baby sneakers

Here are the crocheted baby sneakers I have made! 

The instructions I used are in Finnish, again, but I bet there are many instructions for these in English as well! I'm gonna link the instructions anyway 'cos I have Finnish readers as well :D You can read them here

Once again, I had to adapt the instructions a little, 'cos I used different kind of yarn etc... The yarns I used were wool (black) and acryl (white). If you make these, I suggest you use cotton yarn, because it will make the sneakers more stiff. Because of my wool and acryl yarns, the sneakers became very soft, so they're more like socks :D I they still turned out good, I think :D

Oh and :D A funny thing happened. I just uploaded all the wedding gift photos to my Facebook-page, and I immediately got three orders :DDD Two beanies (see the previous post) and one dungaree (you'll see later ^^)! So, if you know someone who has a baby and would like to buy handmade clothes or toys, just let me know! I'd be happy to make them for sale ^^

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding gift no. 1: Baby beanie with a tuft

Here is the first crochet craft I'm gonna show you: a baby beanie with a tuft. 

I wanted to make a soft, warm beanie 'cos my nephew/niece will be born in December, so it's gonna be cold then. Tiny head must be warm <3

At first I tried to make the hat by using these instructions (in Finnish, sorry), but I just couldn't make it work @___@ I had different kind of yarn and different sized hook, so the measurements were fucked up all the time, so in the end I decided to make it my own way. At first I had tried to start crocheting from the top of the hat, which didn't work, so when I started crocheting from the lower end and made everything "in reverse", the hat turned out fine :D 

The yarn I used is called Novita Usva, and the hook was 3 or 4mm. I'm sorry, I can't remember which one, I made the hat ages ago XD But I think it was 3mm o_O The yarn was thick, so I I wanted to use a smaller hook to make the hat firm.

I think it looks pretty cute :D I just hope it fits o___O As I'm working in a children's clothing store atm, I have learned that some babies' heads can be enormous XDD Oh well, we'll see :D

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jade Advertising Model Agency -photoshoot

I think I mentioned before that I'm gonna take part in a photoshoot that will put me in the lists of a model agency. The photoshoot was June 25th! Here are the pictures :D

Shirt - Iron Fist
Shorts - Big Point
Tights - Somewhere in Stockholm o__O
Shoes - CityMarket (lol XD)

I must say I'm not 100% satisfied with the pictures .____. I got the whole film, but the rest of the pictures are Preview-pictures, so I'm not allowed to use them. Well, I couldn't use them anyway 'cos they have this huge PREVIEW-text in the middle of the picture XD Anyway, there were SO MANY good pictures, and they decided to choose the crappy ones -____-;; I really like the last one, but the rest I would have wanted to change :DD I could order some more pictures but I don't want to spend any more money, I already paid 75€ for these four... >___< 

The photoshoot was fun though! It lasted for 30 minutes. I was very nervous 'cos I have never done any kind of modelling, I haven't even been in a studio before! Ok, I have, but I was very little back then o_O My point is, I have not been photographed by a professional so much :D The photographer gave very good instructions so I didn't feel that lost, which was good :D The most challenging part was when I was supposed to show different kind of emotions. I CAN*T ACT XD Ok, I can, but way too dramatically, so the pictures wouldn't be taken seriously :D There were two good shots though, the surprised one (the second picture above) and an angry one :D I can't act sad so seriously, so there weren't any good pictures about that, only my sulking face XD I have always been interested in acting, actually, but I've always been too shy >___< I mean, I can act goofy and dramatic in a humorous way, but if I have to act serious, sad or furious, no fucking way :D That's why the emotion part was so hard for me @___@

 I got some very good feedback from the photographer, just in case I'm gonna do more modelling someday :D She said that I did very well for a first timer, and she couldn't see that I was nervous (lol wut.) The only bad thing was, that when I was moving, I was moving to fast so she didn't have the time to take the picture XD But it feels so fucking awkward to stay still in a stupid position for several seconds XDDD pffff... 

Oh well, I'm on the website now, http://www.jademodel.fi/models, but it doesn't mean that I would get any gigs :D But, it was still a very nice and interesting experience :D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sowwyyyyyyyyyy... @____@

Damn, it's been over a month since I've written here! Sorryyy >____< I've been very busy and tired and all kinds of shit, so I haven't found the energy to write, even though I have had many things to say/show you :D There was my sister's wedding, I have shopped and received new lovely stuff, and I can finally show you the baby crafts I made for my sister and her husband as a wedding gift! ^^ Also, my internship started this month and I've been to job interviews ^^

There's no way I'm gonna post all of those things this time, you'll get bored 'cos the post would be HUGE XD I haven't received all the pictures of the wedding, so I can't make a proper wedding post yet, but I have a couple of pictures to show you :D I know I promised to show you my whole outfit, but goddammit, I forgot to take pictures -______-;; I hope my father or the photographer have been good paparazzis then :DDD

The newlyweds <3

gift table

The cake decoration. The groom is dragging the shopping bride. it's PERFECT :DDD

Wedding dance <3
And now, pictures of me and my boyfriend. DANCING. Derpety derp derp.... It was fun though XD But I can't dance that well XD It was the basic waltz, so it was fine :DD The bad thing was, my feet were killing me and my dress just wouldn't stay up >_____< I was pulling it up the entire evening which was VERY annoying :DDDD If I'm going to use it as a graduation dress next year, I'm gonna make straps on it -________-;;; Anyway, you can see some of my outfit here, I just hate how shaky the pictures are... :<

The Derp -compilation XDDDD

purrr <3

So, that's all for now, I'm trying to write more, more often :DDD