Friday, May 11, 2012

Chapter 30: The war against PAPERS

gaaaahh, I hate filling papers... Ok, The filling is ok, but when you have to attach 862506 other papers with them, and before that you have to GET those other papares from somewhere, it's everything but fun anymore...

So yeah, I'm filling these 'cos I didn't get any summer job for this summer, so I have to beg money from the social office -___-;; And the amount of papers is just terrible...

THIS is what I was dealing with yesterday. And that's not even close to all of it... I still have to attach more to the pile. Rent contracts, recipes for my medications, my study allowance contract, my bank account statements... ARGH.

Oh well, it was nice to be in Jyväskylä for a change. Too bad it was only for one night. I loved sleeping in my own, SOFT, bed *__* There's nothing wrong with the place I sleep in now, but I just realised how soft my bed really is :DD The crappy part was that my TV doesn't work ;__; I can't live without TV so I was VERY bored yesterday evening :D bleh, well, I mean the TV is fine, but the digibox is dead... I have to get a new one for next autumn when I go back to Jyväskylä.

Now I'm in Hämeenlinna, visiting my sister and her bf ^^ We went to see Johnny Depp's newest movie, Dark Shadows. A movie about a vampire who has been locked in a coffin for 200 years, and gets out at 1972. It was so funny! And once again, an awesome movie from Tim Burton ^^ It had many funny scenes, but was pretty dramatic at the same time :D It was hilarious! I recommend it to everyone who likes Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! The movie also had Helena Bonham Carter in it, what a surprise :D AND ALICE COOPER! yay :D I had been waiting for this day for a while *-*

@__@ I'm so tired... Gotta get to bed. I'll just write the picture challenge first :D Good night!

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