Friday, May 4, 2012

Chapter 26: I'm a skeleton!

hihih, look what I bought yesterday! ^^

Skeleton gloves! \o/ Aren't they cute? RockJet has had those gloves for a long time, but only with bright colors and black bones. I was disappointed 'cos I wanted ones that look "real", white in black. Anyway, yesterday I was derping in our stock and I found black and white ones!! yaaay ^^ 

They're not even that expensive! The original price is 4,90€, and with the staff discount they cost me only 3,50€ ^^


pfff... I'm sick, AGAIN! Ok now I'm feeling a bit better. But yesterday I I had to leave work after one hour 'cos my head was killing me and I was feeling nauseous... Oh well, at least I got to come to Seinäjoki earlier <3
But seriously, I'm starting to feel so embarrassed 'cos I've been away so much... Next week I have to go to Jyväskylä to take care of some things, and next weekend I'm gonna be in Hämeenlinna so I won't be able to work that Saturday either. After that week I have to be able to be 6 days at work >__< Otherwise I'll scream. loud.

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