Monday, May 27, 2013

We Heart It -challenge

Yayy! I got a challenge! From a lovely friend of mine, Liisa, Thank you! *-* 

The idea of the challenge is to answer 10 questions by using pictures from a website called We Heart It. The challenge took a loooong time to make, mostly because the website was a real pain in the ass XDD It was lagging all the time, and sometimes it was a bit hard to find things that I like here :D But I managed! Here it is:

1. The hair of your dreams

Long and silver with a liiiiitle bit of purple in it *_____* Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever get my hair to be like that..... I have a feeling that it will work only with people who have naturally blonde hair ;__; My own haircolor is so dark and it hassome red pigment in it so pfffffffff......

2. A city of your dreams

London. I have been there once and I fell in love with it completely. It's so beautiful and people are amazing there. If I would move abroad, I think I would move there.

3. The apartment of your dreams

pffffffffff, if I had money like garbage, I wouldn't buy myself an apartment, I would buy a fucking mansion. For real. Or build one :D But I do prefer very old mansions, so I believe I would just renovate one <3 mmmmm.... 

4. Your favourite clothes

 mmm.. Alternative fashion <3 I'm still very much in love with gothic and other alternative styles, but I myself prefer wearing jeans and T-shirts nowadays :D I have noticed that I don't wear skirts so much anymore, and fluffy skirts I don't wear at all, or very seldom. I still wear corsets though, and I love dresses! *-* But I'm still making sure that my clothes stand out from the crowd and are from alternative clothing brands!

5. What you like to do on your freetime




6. Things you'd like to own

Money. Shitloads of it.

A proper computer that would actually work...
7. A person you would like to look like

Rose Shock. She's so fucking gorgeous and stunning and beautiful and skjhsöhgsfjhghlägfh. AND her make-up skills are beyond amazing... If you haven't heard of her yet, you really should check out her blog.

8. The man of your dreams

80's rocker with long hair and tight jeans. Just look at Bret Michaels in this one......... Holyfuckingshit. <3 Why does my boyfriend have to hate 80's rock... WHY ;___; 

9. You as a cartoon character

The neurotic Alice. Ok, it's not really a cartoon character, it's a video game character, but oh well... When I was playing Alice: Madness Returns, I could relate to her completely... <3 She's trying her best to be sane and to get better, but her mind is still in million pieces. I'm living in my own Wonderland myself sometimes... 

10. Random picture 

<3 So cute. My mood has been a bit dark lately, so I searched pictures with a word "grotesque". mmm, I love grotesque things <3

I would like to challenge the following people:

And anyone who wants to give this challenge a try!! ^^

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Eyelash fail....

Soooo, my eyelashes arrived! In time, thank god. 

Where would I start... @___@ Well, first of all, I was very satisfied with the products, they were very pretty and cute etc. The upper lashes are ok, nothing to complain about them, but the lower lashes.......... The fault isn't in the lashes, the fault is in me XD

Thank god they didn't cost much because I think I'm not gonna use them... At least not that often, maybe for some "special occasion", like in gyaru make-up or something. Gyaru make-up... on me? HHA. Never. The lower lashes just don't look good on me ;___; They made me feel very uncomfortable and they wouldn't stay still at all 'cos my eyes have this fucking leak all the time because of spring allergy -____-;; 

Here are the results, pffff...

Here's a picture with glasses on. I was planning to use the upper lashes every day, but when I actually saw them and put them on, I realized that they are way too dramatic for every day life :DD They hit my glasses all the time so it feels very uncomfortable @__@ So, I'll just use them when I go to party, lol. At least I have a shitload of party lashes now XDDD The other lower lashes looked ok and I almost learned to like them, but they just don't stay still so they made me a fucking nerve wreck.. 

yes, I know my eyebrows are fucked up -______-;; 

Here the other one is already falling off...
And here you can see the lower lashes... so uhh........ no. no, NO NO NO.

But now I feel like trying a gyaru make-up! XD Just for the lolz.... 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ring bearer's pillow

More wedding stuff! :DD sorryyy... I just wanted to show you guys a ring bearer's pillow that I made. For my sister's wedding, of course :D

I think it turned out pretty cute. I lost my nerves with it though -___-;; There were some annoying parts that were a bit hard, but I managed. I didn't have any patterns for this, I just had the image inside my head :DD

The materials are high quality, the fabrics were a bit expensive. The satin was 20€/m, and the lace was 49€/m @___@  But because it's a small pillow, it didn't become that expensive, I just needed small pieces of the fabrics so they cost only 10€ in total. The ribbon cost 50 cents and the flower-ish decoration was 3€. I had to travel all over the fucking Jyväskylä to get the right materials -___-;; Oh well, luckily I did, because I'm very satisfied with the result ^^

What do you guys think? :D  

Monday, May 20, 2013

My bridesmaid dress arrived!!

Oh my god, I just received a package from DHL which included the dress I ordered for my sister's wedding. I was so nervous to open it, I was afraid that it looks terrible or is the wrong color or something XD Luckily, All my fears were wrong *___* The dress is absolutely gorgeous, it looks exactly the same as in the picture, it's the right color and the right size :D

This is the picture on eBay:

And this is the picture I took after opening the package. It looks shapeless 'cos the lacing in the back is loose and it's hanging, but trust me, it looked good when I tried it on! I'm gonna post better pictures of my outfit after the wedding :D

Because the dress was made and arrived from China, it was crazy cheap :D 65€ including shipping! The dress itself cost only 35€ but because the shipping was DHL Express, VERY fast, the shipping costs were almost as much as the dress :D But I don't mind!

I have always been very pleased when I have ordered stuff from eBay. I still have a few packages to come, the eyelashes I ordered. I really hope they will arrive during this week, otherwise it's gonna be problematic 'cos I'm leaving Jyväskylä again >__< The post office keeps the packages for only two weeks, after that they will send it back to the seller. I really hope this won't happen 'cos I have no idea if I will get refunds then o_o argh, goddamn custom problems... Without them the eyelashes would have arrived already >___<

Sunday, May 19, 2013


yaaaaaaaaaaay, I finally got my package from CRAZY FACTORY *__* I have been waiting for this moment for so long already: to be able to change the original tongue barbell to a shorter one @__@ I lost my nerves with the original one 'cos it was so long. I was playing with it all the time :DD

This is what the package included:

The barbells and a cute sticker!

I ordered 10 barbells and 8 balls/attachments. The price was 26€ in total, it's CRAZY. So cheap! I took the next pictures from the Crazy Factory's website 'cos my camera isn't that great in photographing tiny items >___<

I'm in love with every single one of them *___* I'm also able to use my small Hello Kitty box now! I decided to put all the barbells in it so they won't get lost ^^

I decided to change the purple one first!
If you have piercings and haven't shopped at Crazy Factory yet, I really suggest you to do so, it's so cheap it's almost ridiculous :DD The cheapest item in my order was 17 cents (yes, CENTS) and the most "expensive" one was 2,80€.