Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kubo-sensei in JKL

In March 21-22 we had a Japanese teacher at our kendo practise! I was so. fucking. DEAD after the practise @___@ It was tough :D very. 

Kubo arrived in Jyväskylä on Thursday, and the first practise was in the evening. I was so nervous that I wanted to throw up x___x As I have told, I tend to feel sick during practise very easily, so I kept thinking "How the hell am I going to survive THREE HOUR practise if I'm nearly fainting at the normal 1½-hour training"... Luckily, I stayed alive and was practising the entire time!! I had eaten very well and I drank a lot of water so it was ok. 

On Friday I went to have lunch with the sensei and a couple of kendo-friends. We had lunch at the university and after that Jussi (our kendo coach) decided that Kubo-sensei needs a hair cut XDDDD so uh... yeah. We went to the hair dresser. In the evening we had another practise, which didn't go that well >___< I was having a bad day, and my feet were KILLING ME because of the previous practise... Luckily, after the practise we went to have a very nice dinner to a restaurant called Jalo. The food was amazing @____@ Very lovely. I must go there with my boyfriend some time as well *___* After the dinner, we went to a friend's place to spend the evening, but I was so dead tired that I went home after an hour... x___x

Here is a picture of our kendo-group with the sensei ^^


The next two days: pain, pain, PAIN. My feet hurt so much that I couldn't walk properly. Seriously, I looked like a woman who had been raped in the ass.... My god. My boyfriend was laughing his ass off ;___; He's a physiotherapist and a massager, so he took care of my legs. And it hurt even more. I was actually crying when he was "healing" my legs... He put some of this kinesthesic tape in my legs afterwards so my legs looked like this:


The practises with Kubo-sensei were painful, but worth it :D 

Toivola Old Yard, March 21st-24th

1½ weeks ago (oops....) I went to Toivola Old Yard to check out this small Easter market. The yard and the buildings are originated from 1800s and is one of the oldest parts of Jyväskylä. The yard was very beautiful and cute, I love everything old fashioned *-* There were many different small companies selling their products, mostly hand made. There were many things I would have wanted to buy, but unfortunately I forgot to bring cash with me, credit cards didn't work there >____< Oh well, I'm poor anyway so it's good that I couldn't shop XD Here are some pictures of the Easter market!

This was so cute! I stared at this guy playing for like.... a very long time XD

Basement cafeteria!

Old fashioned baby carriage, so pretty *-*

When I get married, I want a bouquet made or iron/steel roses. Seriously o_o <3

These two necklaces were so pretty but expensive .____.

Cute crocheted plushies and hand puppets! ^^

More puppets <3

Easter bunnies!


Animal hand puppets *-*

Rat/mouse plushies <3

I totally fell in love with the animal hand puppets, I wanted to buy one so bad ;____; I just love dolls and plushies so much <3

And if someone wants to know how my Easter went, I spent it in my hometown. I saw some of my friends and partied a bit, and spent some time with my mother and boyfriend. Also, my aunt visited me and my mother, and we went to a very lovely dinner! Easter is not that special to me, but it's always nice to spend time with your loved ones ^^

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

random filler post

Hurr durrr... I've been so busy and tired the last few days that I haven't been able to update my blog @__@ sorry! But I do have two posts coming up, I think I will be able to post them this week! ^^ But now, I'm feeling like answering random quizzes again so, you can check this out if you want or fall asleep in the middle of it :D 

1. What does the sixteenth text in your inbox say? "Happu birthday!" from my cousin and her family

2. Has anybody ever told you they would be with you forever?

3. Last person you were in the car with? 
My boyfriend and his friend

4. Any plans for tomorrow?
Going back to Jyväskylä...

5. How long does it take you have a shower?
30 minutes :DDD I'm so sloooow...

6. When is your birthday?
Fenruary 1st

7. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
uh, I think it's not gonna be  any special but I hope it won't be bad either :D

8. Did you kiss anyone Friday?
No. But today I did! <3

9. Ever thrown up in public? 
Lol yes XD

10. What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW?
Wether I go to bed or watch one more Breaking Bad episode after this quiz.

11. Who was the last person you talked to?
My sister. On the phone.

12. What is the WORST subject they teach at school?
Maths, chemistry, physics...

13. Have you seen anyone lately that you don’t get along with?
hmmm no o_O

14. What is your favorite colour shirt to wear?
I like to wear many colors!

15. Have you ever been in a car accident?
No. But my sister has .____.

16. What’s the closest thing to you that’s green? 
A mini Jägermeister bottle. mmmmmmmm.....

17. Where would you like to be right now? 
Nowhere, really XD

18. Write down some lyrics to the song your listening to?
I'm not listening to anything! o_o The computer says hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

19. How many dogs do you have?
None .______. I'm dreaming about a French bulldog but my bf won't let me have one ;__; BOOHOO. Oh well, he promised me that I can have a ferret and he's gonna have a wolfhound in the future ^^ Fine by me.


Saarloos wolfhond. They are so beautiful <3

ahihihihihih <3

20. Is anything bugging you right now?
hmmm no o_O

21. How is life going for you right now?
Not great but not that bad either.

22. Is there someone you care about more than yourself?

23. What made you laugh today?
Our topics in after kendo :D

24. What was the last film you watched?
Precious. I think it was ok!

25. What’s the last conversation you had about?
uh... Just random shit with my sister :D I was so tired I almost fell asleep on the phone XD

26. What were you doing at 7:00 this morning? 
Sleeeeeeping *-*

27. Do you like your hair long or short? 
Long. Although people keep telling me that short hair looks good on me :D

28. Do you want to see somebody right now?
no XD I'm enjoying my privacy atm.

29. Do you like the rain?
no .____.

30. Do you think you’ll have a Valentine this year?
Screw Valentine's Day. 

31. The last person you kissed needs you at 3AM, would you go?
Yes o_O

32. Would you honestly say you’d risk your life for someone else?
Yes, I would.

33. Honestly, if you could go back 1 month and change something would you?
hmmmm, guess not o_O February was fine.

34. How do you feel about girls smoking?

34. Could you see yourself with someone forever?
I want to.

35. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?

36. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?

37. Do you forgive and forget?

38. Do you trust people?

39. What are you not looking forward to?
Easter!! Paaaaarteeeeeeeeeehhh!!!

40. Do you get mad easily? 
It depends. If you hit me below the belt, then totally.

41. Who was the last person to make you really mad?
Myself! I forgot my groceries in the bus ;___; When I went to check it after an hour, someone had stolen the grocery bag... I was SO pissed off!!!!!

42. Has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?

43. Do you have strange dreams?
Sometimes, but mostly I just see nightmares...

44. Ever licked someone’s cheek or forehead?
Yeah sometimes :D But my boyfriend does that all the time and it's so fucking annoying @____@

45. Last time you fell asleep in someone’s arms?
Last night <3

46. When did you last throw up? 
In January at Saku's birthday :D Tequila.... hrrrrr....

47. What do you have on you at all times?
My tattoos? :DD

48. Would you go out in public without getting dressed up or put together?

49. Do you like fruity or minty gum?

50. Favorite musicians or groups?



Avenged Sevenfold



51. Favorite film of all time?  
The Crow <3

52. Favorite computer game?
ALICE: The Madness Returns

53. First album you ever went and bought with your own money?

hmmm I think it was some Apulanta album!

54. Think back five months ago, were you single?

No ^^

55. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
I do but my boyfriend doesn't ;___; Buttwipe....

56. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
Yeah I guess :D

57. Last thing you bought?
Snack to kendo practise just in case I start to feel sick.

58. Are you a jealous person?
Yes, but in a healthy way nowadays.

59. Does it take a lot to make you cry?
lol no XD

60. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
Yes! <3

61. Have you ever had your heart broken?
oh yes..

62. Do you like to cuddle/snuggle?
yes!! *-*

63. Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?
Read the question 28 :D

64. How far away is the last person you hugged? 
About 50km

65. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now? 
Not really, I'm tired :D

66. Is your life anything like it was a year ago?
hmmm yeeeah? It hasn't changed too much.

67. This time last year, can you remember who you liked?

68. You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life, what is it?
Juice *_________*

69. Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn’t?

70. What is the last thing you said out loud?
"Bye" :D

71. When was the last time you cried?
uuuuummm... Sometime last month.

72. Do you have friends you can tell stuff to and you’re sure they won’t tell?

73. What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Watching Breaking Bad

74. What can’t you wait for?
Graduating and getting a job

75. Have you ever told anyone you would marry them?

76. What’s the worst way to say “I love you?” 


77. Seven days from now will you be in a relationship?
Yes? o_O

78. Are you mad about anything?
hmm no

79. What is the last thing you got in trouble for with your parents?
don't remember :D

80. Are you mean?

81. Were you happy when you woke up today?
kinda XD

82. Has a boy/girl called you babe or baby in the past two days?
yeah! ^^

83. Do you hate it when people smoke around you?

84. Do you have anything that belongs to a boyfriend/girlfriend?
he forgot his socks at my place XDDDDDD

85. Has anybody ever given you butterflies?
yeah! But I don't like the way of sayin, I hate butterflies :DDD

86. How long do you think you will live?
idk o__o

87. Does it bother you when people respond with one word?
yeah :D

88. Do you believe once a cheater, always a cheater?
I hope not.

89. Do you and you ex have a good relationship? 
I'm not in close contact with them.

90. Name one thing people think about you that’s not true?
not sure o_O

91. What would you do if your best friend turned gay?
I would be proud of them and support them ^^

92. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

93. Do you drink tea?
When I'm sick

94. How do you feel about chocolate covered strawberries?

95. Do you currently have feelings for anybody?

96. Have you ever stripped for money?
XD no

97. Ever kissed someone with the letters C, A, S, B ,D, Q, or J as their first initial?
S, D and J

98. In 2 days, where will you be?
at school I think -____-;;

99. Do you think you are a good person?

100. Who are your favorite people?
My lovely friends <3

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eyelash tutorial!

Last Sunday, I was going home by bus from the city centre and I noticed this woman who had a shitload of make-up on her face. Also, she had these HUGE eyelashes in her eyes, and she had done every single thing wrong with them.... SO WRONG. I just wanted to step out at the same bus stop as she did, shake and slap her and give a several hour lesson about how to put on your fake eyelashes RIGHT.

I should have taken a picture of the girl, she looked so hideous... First of all, she had put too much mascara on her own eyelashes, they were all clumpy .__. Second, the glue.... oh my god the glue ;____; She had used too much of it, and she hadn't covered it afterwards!! So, basically, it looked like she had a huge amount of SNOT in her eyes. *shivers* Third, she had also put mascara on the fucking FAKE EYELASHES. WHAT!?!? You're not supposed to do that ;_____; That woman looked like a fucking .... I'm speechless.... Also, I could see that she was going home from gym. Who the fuck puts on fluffy party eyelashes to GYM?? ahhhh this lovely world of retards.....

I was so terrified that I decided to make my own tutorial how to do these things RIGHT. Also, many people have asked how do I do that, and I have also received many other questions about them. I hope this tutorial answers to some of the people's questions.

In fact, putting on fake eyelashes is not that hard, really. In this tutorial I show you 4 easy steps to put on fake eyelashes to your eyes. If you have never used fake eyelashes before, it won't be prefect the fist time, but remember: Practise makes perfect!

Lol, look at my lovely derpy face in the thumbnail XD

Faith in humanity has been restored!

I always keep telling how much I hate people and how pissed off they make me. Today, for a change, I must say that the faith in humanity has been restored. 

Last night a legislative motion for equal marriage law started. The minimum need of names is 50 000, but during one night and half a day, we have got almost 77 000 signatures!!! SEVENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND. I'm so happy right now, I have a feeling that we will FINALLY get an equal marriage law in Finland.

I have always had this huge need to defend gay-, bi-, lesbian- and transsexual people and their rights. I can't stand it when someone says a bad word about these people. If this happens, I just snap. In my opinion, every kind of people have the right to get married in front of God and have/adopt children. I don't understand why these lovely and beautiful opportunities must be taken away from people who are somehow "different". It makes me very sad. Finland is the only Nordic country that doesn't have an equal marriage law. Yes, gay people can register their relationship but what the fuck is that supposed to mean?? They have the same responsibilities as married couples, but they do not have the same rights as married couples. Bullshit, I say.

The signatures are collected until September. We have a loooot of time, and with this pace, things look pretty good!! <3

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rattie-pictures! ^^

Since my friends had this proper camera with them when they were visiting me, we were able to take some good pictures of my babies ^^ <3 Enjoy! 

warm nest is nice <3

kisskiss <3

o hai!!

"ok mum you can stop now. Stop it. STOOOOOP"  XDD poor thing

ooooo! Foodz!

Lovely weekend with lovely people

I had such a nice weekend *___* <3 Two of my very good friends, Saku and Miso, came to visit me for the weekend! It meant so much to me, because I don't get visitors that often, it's usually me who visits people. So it was very nice for a change ^^ And it meant a lot for me expecially because Saku is a person who doesn't like to leave his house at all XD But he came to visit meeee <3 yay!

They arrived pretty late on Friday, about 10pm, so we didn't do much on Friday :D Just watched some TV and played with my ratty-girls ^^ There was this movie on TV that sounded very interesting so I wanted to watch it, but we all fell asleep in the middle of the movie XDDD

On Saturday, we went to the city centre to "shopping". Neither of us had any money for that XD I did see sooo many lovely clothes but I couldn't afford them ;__; boohoo. After we had checked the clothing shops etc, and eaten in McDonald's we went to the super market and liquor store :D We planned to make tortillas and chocolate cupcakes *-* omnomnom.

When we got home, Miso was a lovely honeyboo and washed my dishes *______* Everything was so tidy and nice <3 ....for the next 30 minutes. Then we started cooking and baking XDDD Now the mess is the same as in the beginning...

I did help him! XD

This is my face when I look at my closets and find random shit that shouldn't be there XD

When Miso was done, we made the tortillas, they were goooood <3 nomnom. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of those.. But meh, I think you guys know what tortillas look like? :DD After that, we started baking. Everything went very well while making the dough, but when the cupcakes came out from the oven.... They had totally failed ;;________;;!!! They became flat, and were hollow! Fuck that shit, I will never use that recipe again....... We tried to make them look nice with frosting but it didn't really help 'cos we didn't have enough frosting XDDDDDD so uh... yeah. We failed the cupcakes.

nomnom dough!

One of our very few pretty cupcakes XD The rest were just.... retarded.
The cupcake episode was so stressful that we decided to start drinking after that. Lol :D We had a very nice evening! <3

Ever since I saw this Rage Comics -themed drinking game I fell deeply in love with it! Unfortunately, I don't own a printer so I haven't been able to play it with my friends. But now, me, Miso and Saku put our goofy heads together and had a great idea! We cut some pieces of different colored cardboards and put some Blu Tack behind them. Saku had dice in his cell phone so TA-DAH! We were able to play it on my computer screen XDDD We so genius <3

I was supposed to tell a joke but I couldn't remember any so I just took one of my 53795 joke books and read it :D

My pink drink! *-* UFO-Shot and sparkly water. mmmmmmmm...

Saguuuuu <3


We realized that we didn't have a picture of us three, so now we took one! ^^ <3 Saku's fake smile is so pwettyyyyyy!

We so serious.

Or not XD

hurrdurrrr part 2 :D


Something was very interesting but I have no idea what XDDD

Hahaha, we had so much fun XDD <3 Miso passed out at 1am or something. The poor thing talks while he sleeps so we kinda teased him a bit XDDD It was so hilarious. Me and Saku stayed up until 3 or 4am, talking about all kinds of things. Mainly about sex :DDD Damn, he made me realize that I'm a very conservative and strict person when it comes to sex O__O I'm gonna save you guys from the details though XDDD

I'm gonna see these two lovely oddballs again in two weeks, Can't wait!! <3

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Love her

I totally love these lyrics <3

I met a girl who hated the world
she used her body to sell her soul
Everytime they'd break her and pay
tear out her heart, and leave her in pain
I never found out how she survived
all of the sadness she kept inside
I never found out how she could lie
with a smile on her face and the scratches she'd hide

You could love her if you paid, you could have her everyday
You could love her if you prayed, you could have her every way

Down on her knees, she wept on the floor
this hopeless life she wanted no more
Dead in her mind and cold to the bone
she opened her eyes and saw she was alone
She never found out how much I tried
all of the sadness she kept made me blind
She never found out how much I cried
the rope so tight on the night that she died

You could love her if you paid,
you could have her everyday
You could love her if you prayed,
you could have her every way

I never found out how she survived
a life lived in lies is a life of denial
I never found out how she could lie
with a smile on her face and the darkness inside

You could love her if you paid,
you could have her everyday
You could love her if you prayed,
you could have her every way


Sleep with or without clothes on?
With. I get too cold otherwise >____< Unless I sleep with my super warm boyfriend *_________* <3 purrrrrr

Prefer black or blue pens? 

Dress up on Halloween?
YES <3 Last year I was a sad mime clown :D

Like to travel? 

Like Someone? 

Do they know?

Who sleeps with you every night? 
My 54378952 plushies XD

Think you're attractive?

Want to get married?
Yeaaaaah. But not until I have a biiig budjet for it <3

Are you a good student?
pfffft XDD

Are you currently happy?
Neither happy or unhappy.

Have you ever cheated?? Been cheated on?


Christmas or Halloween?

Colored or black-and-white photo?

Do long distance relationships work? 
Depends. If the two people live in different countries, then no. But if they live only in different cities (like me and my bf) it does if you want it to work.
Do you believe in astrology?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you consider yourself the life of the party?

Do you drink?

Do you make fun of people?
Oh yes XD

Do you think dreams eventually come true?

Favorite fictional character? 
Jason Voorhees <3

Go to the movies or rent?

Have you ever moved?

Have you ever stolen anything?
hmmm no.

How's the weather right now?
Dark o___O

Last time you cut your hair?
uh... a month ago?

Last person you talked to on the phone?
A fucking telemarketer -______-;;

Last time you showered?
a few hours ago, sauna <3<3

Loud or soft music?

Mcdonalds or Burger King?
Both!! omnomnom

Night or day?

Number of pillows?

Piano or guitar?
If you're asking me to play them, NEITHER -____-;; Instruments of the Satan himself.

Future job?

Current job?
student -____-;;

Current love?

Current longing?
uhh... Joni?

Current disappointment?
That it's gonna take a long time until I graduate...

Current annoyance?

Last thing you ate?

Last thing you bought?

Most recent thing you are looking forward to?
Tomorrow!! My lovely friends Saku and Miso will visit me this weekend <3

What are you hearing right now?
umm.... Actually I'm lying under the blanket half naked XDDDDDDDDDD

Plans for the weekend? 
YESSS <3<3<3

What did you do today?
Was pissed at school, took a nap, wrote an essay.

Pick a lyric, any lyric or song?
So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?

Pick a movie quote?
"Come out, come out, where ever you are."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I just fell in love with a few Etsy-shops!!! They are shops that sell miniature food and other tiny items for dollhouses!! I absolutely LOVE dollhouses and I'd like to have one. It would be a very nice hobby but it's very expensive if you want to have a very fine dollhouse... Maybe someday I can afford it! ...and have an apartment that has room for it XDDD

Here are the super cute items that made me melt *-*

Teeny tiny mouse!! <3
Miniature photo album, so beautiful!!
Children's bed room set
Mini old fashioned letter set
Teeny tiny sushi plate!!
Cupcakes in a box!
Mini crayon set!! Too adorable!!!!
HelloKitty rainbow cake!!

AAAAA DO WANT!!! ;;_______;; I have always loved everything tiny and miniature so I go nuts when I see things like these XDD The photos are taken from the shops' websites. I really shouldn't be checking them out because then I start dreaming about stuff I can't afford. As always -____-;; Anyway, the shops are: