Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chapter 31: IKEA

Whooooah, what a great experience this was! First time in IKEA XD yay. 

IKEA, Tampere

It sure was big o_O Especially the self service department!!

 When we arrived there, we ate something first so we wouldn't starve while shopping :D We ate hotdogs! nom. And it was so CHEAP! My sister bought two hotdogs, two drinks, one coffee, one ice cream and a cinnamon roll. All these cost 3,70€ :DDD not bad. IKEA Family -card rules :D 

I'm not too fond of decorating apartments, but IKEA really has a lot of nice stuff in there!! I had this "I can't wait 'til I get my very own apartment which I can decorate the way I want!" -feeling :D And I went nuts when I saw the childrens' room department XD all those cribs and plushies and baby plankets and GAHHH. My baby fever is just getting worse... 

Even I bought something! :D But I can't tell what 'cos it's part of my bf's birthday present :D I want it to be a surprise, naturally :D Anyway, the main reason why we went there was that my sister is moving together with her bf, so they had to get some new stuff to the apartment. My purchase was royal 2€, while Heidi's and Jani's total was 500-600€ XD nice... They bought some small stuff like carpets and mirrors etc. (even flowers, lol XD), but also two clothing closets and two kinds of shelves and... idk @__@ 

 The self serving department was just huge!! o__o So many boxes @___@ ...heavy ones.

"Be careful, the packages may be heavy" ...uh... DUH!?!

The service kicked ass! :DDD

I was a bit melancholy in there though XD seriously, almost ALL of the customers were couples who were being all cute "Do ne need this, or would this one be better??". And I was walking around without Joni and was like boooo... I want to start decorating our future apartment as well! ;__; ....if we ever have one, that is :D And when I was telling about this to Joni, he confirmed that I will NEVER get him to IKEA XDDD BOOHOOO.  fml.

After IKEA, I went to see my sister's dance practise. She does reggaeton. ...not my type of dance. It's so vulgar!!! XD Ass this and ass that, ASSES EVERYWHERE!! Oh well, I took a video of it anyway, enjoy! or not. 

So, this day was very nice ^^ Now: Irish Coffee, Jack Daniel's and other yummy drinks! 8D And grilling and sauna *___* 

Ps. Let me introduce you: MANTA ^^ <3

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