Thursday, February 28, 2013


Since a couple of my friends/acquaintances have a Tumblr-account, I wanted to make one as well! :D I also added this "Ask me anything" -section in it so the curious people can ask anything they want. But remember: the quality of the question defines the quality of the answer :DDD But don't hesitate, I like questions! :D If I get a nice amount of questions, I will publish them here later. The plan is also link all my Blogger posts there so people can follow me there as well.

Check it out!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Retarded Questionnaire

Hello guys! I'm spending my winter holiday in Vantaa (near Helsinki) with my boyfriend ^^ A lot of nice things have been done but I'm gonna post about them later. Now I'm just gonna do a random questionnaire-thingie which I "stole" from another blog :D It was in Finnish but I translated it in English.

How old are you gonna be in 2015?

Could you have a relationship with a person 8 years older than you?
I don't see a problem with that? o___O But I wouldn't 'cos I have a lovely boyfriend ^^

Are you good at hiding your feelings?

Name one thing that you're looking forward to.
Graduating from school and starting my own business.

Are you thinking of someone?

How does your hair look atm?
Messy :D I just woke up.

When was the last time you cried?
Last week I think o_O But I don't remember why.

Would you be able not to talk to your best friend for a month?
I have more than one best friend. I'm a very unsocial person so I think I would manage, but it would suck :D

What kind of shirt are you wearing?
Yellow shirt with baby Gozilla!! <3

Do you like changes?
NO. I hate it when things change in life. I have small traditions is my life and I will get very sad if they are changed. For example last Christmas: I have ALWAYS spent it with my parents, sister, aunts and my cousin's family in this tiny town called Lapväärtti. Last time I had to spend it in my hometown, Kauhajoki with my parents only ;___; It was sooo laaaaame. It made me sad...

Do you wave at people you know when you see them?
yep, maybe even hug them.

From who was your last text message?
My sister

Do you like hugging?
yes! ^^

Do you feel like cuddling often?

Are you jealous?
A little bit, but I used to be a lot worse a few years back. Thank God I'm not like that anymore.

Do you want to have kids? How many?
Yes <3 Three, but I would be happy to have just one for start :DD

What are you afraid of?
Ghosts and zombies

Me as a zombie. Damn I'm ugly :DDDD You can make your own at !

What would you do with 1000€?
Spend half of it, and save the other half.

What are you thinking right now?
Terrible teenagers. I'm watching a TV show where teenagers with a lot of problems visits a very strict family for a week. I just can't believe how parents let their kids to become like that o__o
What are your plans for tomorrow?
Me and my boyfriend are leaving Vantaa and go to Seinäjoki to his place. We were supposed to go visit my sister but her fiancé is very sick ;____;
 What is your favourite perfume?
I don't use any. But I like sweet and candy-like perfumes!

What is love?
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!

When does the world end?
When the Sun dies.

Do you have a crush on someone?
I want to marry Prince Poppycock!!!! <3<3<3

If you jumped out of your apartment's window, how injured would you be?
I live on the third floor so I think I would break a few bones....? o___O

Would you be able not to wash your hair for a week to save someone you love?
 XDDD lol, I hate water, that would not be a problem!!

Do you have admirers?
of course! 8D

What is your hair color?
bloooonde!! My friend dyed it last week! was the most PAINFUL hair dying ever!!! The skin in my scalp was broken....


Have you ever been chased by a police?

When was the last time you slept in a lake?
wait what?? XDD
Do you know how to play poker?
When was the last time you really had fun?
At Saku's birthday. The hangover was terrible........... X_____X

When is the next time you're gonna have a lot of fun?
I have had a lot of fun this week!! ^^

When was the last time you were scared?
When I watched the Grave Encounters with my boyfriend.... I mean, I was REALLY scared. I cried in a foetus position during the whole movie... It was terrible. I can't stand ghosts. I'm not gonna link the trailer here. You can dig it from YouTube yourselves @__________@ 

What are you gonna do this weekend?
Hang out with my bf and I also have an essay deadline on Sunday... -____-;;

Could you go to a party in the clothes you are wearing atm?
underpants, pink socks and a yellow shirt. Maaaaybe not XDDDD

Do you miss someone atm?
My aunt.

How do you feel atm?
ok ^^

When was the last time you were really shocked?
Last Thursday. I had to call the police because my roommate's ex-boyfriend came to beat our door like crazy. We didn't need the police though 'cos he left as soon as he heard that I had called them :D fucking desperate moron....

How often do you remember your dreams? 
Pretty often! Too bad most of my dreams are nightmares....

Do you like bananas?

What are the foods and drinks you hate?
Fish and cider.

What is the most exotic animal you have touched?
A small red monkey in a zoo! Can't remember the name of it. I got a stomach flu after that!!! XDDDD

The worst sight you have ever seen?
uuuhhhh... I don't know o_O 

Do you like ice cream cake?
yes!! omnomnom

Which celebrity would you marry?
Prince Poppycock :DDD

Describe with four words why you threw up last time. 
Alcohol is fucking poison.

Have you ever burnt yourself?
In a sun when I was younger and I have also placed my hand on a hot stove when I was little XD But nothing too dangerous.

Who do you think is talking shit about you atm?
I would like to know that as well!! o_o

What are your plans for tonight?
uh. Reading blogs, stalking Etsy, watching movies maybe, sexytime

Honestly, what do you want atm?
A new, dry paper to wipe my nose with. And hot tea! I have caught a terrible cold ;___;

Someone calls you at 4am. Who is it?
hmmmm. Petri or Ville :D idk.

Is there someone you will never forget?
sure o_O

Has anyone seen your underwear?
yeah? :DD

Do you ever think about the things you say?

Is there someone who doesn't like you?
I bet :D

When was the last time you were truly happy?

Does anyone know your FaceBook-password?
 no? I think :DDD

Did you fall asleep smiling last night?
hmm, not really :D But I wasn't sad either. Just annoyed 'cos of the cold. I couldn't sleep properly ;__;

Is the following weekend gonna be good?
I think so! ^^

Do you talk while you sleep?
Sometimes :D

Do you remember your first crush? 
yeah. I wonder where he is and what he does nowadays o___O

Does someone have romantic feelings for you?
I hope my boyfriend does :DDDDDD

What kind of dream you had last time?
I don't remember o_O I haven't seen any dreams the last nights. Well, I have but don't remember them.

Did someone knock your feet off today?
not yet :DDD

Is there a person with whom you can be yourself?
yeah, many! ^^

Are you taking your life too seriously?
pffffffffft XDDDD

Have you ever grilled marshmallows?
YES. Sweet mother of Noms *_____* <3

What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?
You should ask this from my friend Johanna who I mentioned in my previous post :DDD But one thing I do remember is showing my bare ass to drivers on a road XDDD

What do you hate in other people?
I hate people. So everything.

What is the best thing that happened last summer?
uuuhhhh..... My trip to Stockholm?

Have you ever been bitten by some animal?
yeeeah :D cat, horse and rat.

Where are you gonna be in 10 minutes?
Hopefully drinking hot tea *____*

Are your grandparents still alive?
just my grandmother from father's side.

Have you ever heard a rumour of yourself?
When I was on 6th grade people talked that I'm a lesbian :DDD

Would you like to be perfect?

When was the last time you fell down with a bike?
hmmmm. It's been a long time since I rode a bike o___O don't remember, but I do know that it was because of the chains in my trousers XDDD

 Do you remember your first day at school?

Comedy or horror?
Depends on a horror. Slaughter, yes <3<3<3 Ghosts, I run away crying.

Are you tired?
Not really 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Old times

hahahaha, me and my friend laughed our asses off today. She was sending me old pictures of us, they were so hilarious :DDD ....and I look absolutely terrible in them. But I still want to share them with you guys! XD

XD I'm very interested in something but Johanna couldn't care less.

don't ask 'cos I don't know... -___-;;

:DDDDDDDDDD I'm so pwettyyyyyy

Kaunokki <3 Johanna's cat.
we look so tinyyyy <3
lol, such emos. But I do love my hair in this one!
me and my mom in Johanna's christian confirmation party :D We look like neither of us gives a rat's ass. But we're holding hands XDDD <3

My 18th birthday :DDD

These pictures were taken during 2006-2009, I think. Maybe 2005 even o_O Oh those times :DDD Me and Johanna have been doing a lot of stupid and weird things when we were little XD Like showing our bare asses on the roads to cars and laughing at my uncle's porn magazines on the attic :DDDDDDD Me and my sister have a 11 years' age difference, so we never actually fought, but me and Johanna... oh, WE DID FIGHT :DDDD hahahhah

Unfortunately, there is something that makes me very sad while writing this post. I can't remember the situations in these pictures. My mind has blocked so many memories because of my difficult childhood. So when I look at these pictures, I only remember my birthday. I don't remember anything of Johanna's confirmation party, I don't even remember being there! And everytime me and Johanna talk about the fun things we have done, almost everytime it goes like this:

"oh my god, do you remember that time when we blablablah.."
"ummm.... no... I'm sorry"

It really sucks, 'cos we did so many AWESOME things together. That's what I do remember. We laughed like crazy, and also cried, yelled and sulked at each other. I've known her since we were like.... babies o__o

This is the "newest" picture of us together. It's from my aunt's 50th birthday party cruise on 2011, it was so epic!!! It makes me sad that we don't see each other that often... ;____; We live in different cities and we hang out with totally different people so... yeah... boohoooo.

Damn. I'm good at making funny posts depressing XDDDD I'm sorry!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kisses and broken stuff

Just a small post of my babies <3 I was taking pictures of Ada giving me kisses :DDD I had eaten ice cream so she almost nom'd my face off XDDD


XD poor thing looks uncomfortable 'cos I could hold her with only one hand.

In the pictures below, Adele is in her own element -___-;; She's trying to destroy my bag and today when I was checking my cosmetics for a new shower gel, I realized that she had bitten a hole to my 100% LIQUID make-up remover. I was holding it in my hands and: *drip drip drip*. Thanks Adele. She has also eaten most of my lotions and shampoos and even one nose spray XDDD Of course I have always taken them away from her, it's not that healthy to eat them @___@ oh and, I found two new holes in my sheets as well!

Lol, I had to wrap a plastic bag to the bottom 'cos I still want to use it :DDDDD
My little destroyers <3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


yayyyy! I have finally finished the first product of my ETSY-SHOP!! A pink, Kawaii Kitty-scarf. Damn, it was a lot of work -___-;; 170 cm of thin acryl yarn with a small hook. Argh. I'm so happy it's finished :D

I think it turned out pretty cute :DDD I have been dreaming about selling my crafts to people for a while but I just haven't had the courage and the energy to make products. But now I have started to enjoy crocheting again, so I'm gonna make more products ^^ Many people have given me very nice comments about my crafts, and some people have told me that I should be selling these. So, now I will! :D

It's gonna be a bit challenge though... It's gonna take a long time until my shop is proper so people will find it and will be interested in my products. .....if they will >__< Oh well, I still want to try. All the shop policies and infos are still pretty lame and short, I will try to make them better soon. Actually, it's pretty hard for me to write shop policies and important infos @___@ Thank god Etsy has some Seller's Handbook to make the shop better :DD I will need it...

So, if you fell in love with the scarf, Buy it! NOW. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Town, are you fucking kidding me!?!?

AAAAARGH, I'm so annoyed right now ;;_________;;!! I've been watching this TV show called Happy Town that tells about a small town where all kind of weird shit happens. The people are trying to figure out who is "The Magic Man", who has made many people disappear in the town. 

I was pretty confused when the episode info on the TV said that the show will end after this episode, and later I found out from the Internet that the TV-show has been CANCELLED. No season 2. FUCK MY LIFE. I loved that show, it was so exciting!!! And Sam Neill had a very good role in it which he performed so well. He's an amazing actor! The final episode of the season 1 didn't solve anything, the show got totally unfinished ;;____;;

"On April 28th, the show got off to a bad start with a disappointing 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 5.25 million viewers. For episode two, viewership took a nosedive to a 1.2 in the demo and 3.79 million viewers. ABC announced they were putting the TV series on hiatus and the third episode’s numbers dropped further still, to a 1.1 rating and 3.04 million viewers."

PEOPLE, Y U NO WATCH GOOD TV SHOWS!?!? This is the second time this has happened ;__; A few years back there was this TV-show called Point Pleasant that was about a girl who is the child of Satan and her boyfriend needs to destroy her. It was such an awesome show but, of course, it didn't have enough viewers so it was cancelled... I hate it when this shit happens -______-;;;

Monday, February 18, 2013

Krista a.k.a. Derpetta

....seems like my boyfriend was stalking my pictures today on FaceBook and decided to have some fun with one of them -________-;;


...ok, I lol'd as well XDDDDDDDDD It's so true, I'm a real Derpetta. I looove Rage Comics and I can relate to them very often XD aaand I can be a bit of a retard sometimes. lol. 

In this picture I'm wearing my keiko-gi and hakama. I started kendo last autumn! I like the sport, but during the last weeks I haven't been so motivated to do kendo :< I start to feel nauseous and dizzy very easily while doing sports and I can practise only half of the time every time... That's why I'm pretty embarrassed to go to the practise which makes me sad. And today I didn't go to the practise at all. I really need to gain weight, goddammit. bleh.. And there is a Japanese sensei coming to Finland, but I'm not sure if I'm going to take part to it >___< My boyfriend is pretty excited about it (he does kendo as well, but in Seinäjoki 'cos we don't live in the same city), he's gonna have Kubo-sensei's practise this Friday!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sister, the stars shine bright

 Damn, the weekend went fast. My sister visited me and we had so much fun! She arrived in the evening and we went to the supermarket to get some food. Heidi bought herself sushi (*shivers* I hate sushi) and I ate frozen pizza :DDD And omg, we found HelloKitty-popsicles!! omnomnom. The package also included two fake tattoos, so cute :DDD too bad I don't have that much use for them 'cos I prefer having my real tattoos, lol. Maybe I will give them to some kid.

Hello Kitty popsicles!! *-*

Heidi and her sushi. blergh.

On Saturday I woke up at 10am or so, and Heidi made us breakfast! Bacon and eggs, omnomnom. Lol, my breakfast looked like a children's portion because of the small amount of food and the HelloKitty cup XDD

 After breakfast we went to the city centre. Neither of us felt like shopping, but we had other things to do: to get my tattoo and go to Amarillo to eat!!

sisters <3
Smokey chicken and bacon burger

This is what I ate in Amarillo. Smokey chicken and bacon burger, it was so goooood. I was also very happy 'cos I was able to get a large pineapple juice with it *___* Not so many restaurants have that! I go crazy about juices, seriously :DD I drink them a lot. Maybe too much actually.. x____x 

I also took a dessert but I forgot to take a picture of it ;____;!! Goddammit. I ate whiskey ice cream with caramel sauce and chocolate cake bits. Oh my god it was good.....  Even my sister liked the ice cream! She doesn't like whiskey at all :DD I love whiskey and everything with it @___@ Like, coffee. I normally don't drink coffee, but I love Irish Coffee :DDD  

And here are my new babies <3 The star tattoos. The story behind these is that my aunt, who passed away in 2005, used to have these kind of stars all over her body. She had some other tattoos as well, but the stars I remember the best. I was always looking at them when I was younger. So now, I wanted to take the same stars as well. I love her, and miss her so much <3 

We also watched two movies, Madagascar 3 and We need to talk about Kevin. My sister didn't like the Madagascar but I think it was nice and cute :D But I do have to say that the two previous ones were better.

The other movie, the Kevin-thingie, was about a boy who caused a school massacre. It's not based on real events but it's based on some novel. My sister had tried to read the book but she couldn't read it to the end 'cos it was so agitating and depressing and sad :DDD So we watched the movie. It was.... heavy. The story was told from the mother's point of view, how he raised the child. She had a difficult relationship with him from the very beginning. The movie proceeded pretty slowly, but it was still interesting. And the ending was just terrible... Since the school shooting in my home town, I've felt very agitated about school massacres, so the movie had a pretty strong impact in me. And the guy who played Kevin, was awesome. He was so excellent at playing an emotionless lunatic. whoah... So yeah, I really recommend watching it!!! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hairy museum

aaaaaaaa, I'm so glad this week is finally over x_____x (We don't have school on Fridays so my weekend starts on Thursdays, mwahaha!) Ok, this week hasn't been that stressful or hard or anything, but I'm just so excited about the coming weekend, and also about my winter holiday that starts after one week! This weekend is gonna be awesome because:

1. My sister is coming to visit me
2. My sister is gonna take me to a very nice restaurant
3. I'm gonna get a new tattoo! (as a birthday present from my sister and her fiancé)

I love my sister *_____* It's gonna be so much fun!!

This day was nice though. ...too bad I couldn't get up on time this morning so I skipped the morning classes -___-;; goddamnit. Oh well, in the afternoon I visited the Craft Museum of Finland with my classmates and teacher. It was nice, I like museums a lot!! ^^ There were exhibitions about Finnish craft making and old fashioned dresses etc, and also a bicycle exhibition o__O It was very interesting. I took a lot of pictures, I'm gonna show you some :D 

bloomers!! \o/

a cute, oldfashioned room ^^

some sort of... plant.... stuff o___o

Baby clothes!! ^^

dolls <3

bunny!! :D

a corset made of candy paper!!

Barbie dolls dressed in Finland's national outfits, so cute!! :D

bikes have maaaaany parts o___O
....I still don't get it how people were able to ride with those things.....

a shitload of bikes.
 So, yeah, I think it was an interesting tour!

After "school" I hanged out with my friends and went to the hair dresser. FINALLY. My hair was in terrible condition, it really needed some cutting... But ai has a very helthy hair nao!!

Desperately trying to make a come back....

O hai! 

It's only been like.... 8 months since I've updated my blog! I'm sorry ;__; I just totally lost my interest. Now I would love to start blogging again but I'm not sure if my enthusiasm carries that far >___< I have heard some people saying that they don't want me to stop blogging so I really want to try to start again. ...except that I'm not sure if my followers are even using Blogger anymore :DD

So... what's been going on with me during these 8 months?? uh... all kinds of things :D Since this is my Piccie Blog, I want to show you these 8 months in pictures!

On July 2012 I went to Stockholm to hang out with my cousin, and I also saw my friend Engla (in the picture) ^^ It was a very nice trip! I shopped 'til I dropped, and  drank, danced and partied 'til I dropped... :DDD It was awesome! But it kinda made me sad that my boyfriend couldn't come with me :< We had planned that we would go to Stockholm together but he had to work and there was only one week during July that was ok for my cousin so I had to go then if I wanted to see her. So meh... Oh well, the trip still kicked ass! :D

On August 1st was Ada's 1 year-birthday <3  August 8th was Adele's ^^ My babies are big girls now, 1½ year-olds!

On September we celebrated my friends' one year engagement. The theme of the party was Christmas :DDDD In this picture Miso and Saku are having a speech for all the lovely guests! :D I love you guys *-*<3

XDDDD ok so ummm... In October it was my sister's fiancé's 40th birthday and we had a huge party for him. It was so awesome :D And as you can see, we found a penis shaped mushroom! \o/ How lovely. And yeah, the party was huge, lots of alcohol, food and lovely people! And music! Gooood music. And usually when I'm partying I don't lose my memory but this time I did... x____x interesting... 

In the beginning of November I had a small Halloween party, just because I looove to dress-up! I was trying to be a sad mime :DD I also bought a gas mask (<3<3<3) and put it on my Teddy :D Not because of Halloween though, it's on him all the time :D Isn't he cute??? And about the outfit, the corset and circus-skirt is made by me.

On December I got a new tattoo. Yes, People = Shit. Why? Because fuck you, that's why! lol.. I wanted to take this text because it's so fucking true. And at the same time it's kinda a tribute for one of my favourite bands, Slipknot.

I had a very nice New Year! <3 Me and my friends booked a hotel room from Tampere and went to a bar there. It was an awesome night! ....except that my high heels were KILLING me!! I was almost crying when we walked back to the hotel XD The next day we went to eat to American Diner. omnomnom. 

So... yeah, those were the most meaningful moments for me during these 8 months :D Now, let's hope that I get my blogging enthusiasm back!