Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapter 24: Trousers' shopping

I bought new trousers today!! I own too few pants so I had to get some new ones. I still want to buy another pair, ones that are colorful! I saw cute pink jeans at H&M but they didn't have my size :< I WANT PINK JEANS!! I'm gonna go to my bf's this weekend so maybe I'll find something in Seinäjoki. I also want black mini shorts but I still haven't found any >__< aaaand I need a new bag!! argh.

The trousers I bought are basic black jeans, with small details in the back:

Brand: Vixxsin

I like them ^^ The original price was 59,90€, but because of the staff discount, I got them with 42€, yay!

Bleh, it's May 1st and I have no plans. I was kinda hoping that I could just sleep in and be lazy tomorrow, but my boss asked my to work tomorrow at the market. I decided to go 'cos he really needs help there and he's gonna pay me for it, so why not!

...the crappy part is that I have to be outside all day! I don't really like being outside, I'm always cold @___@ so, I just have to wear 326852 shirts and jackets so I won't freeze there. I also have to go to work by bike 'cos the bus traffic is very poor on holidays -___-;; I don't even remember when was the last time I rode a bike XD And I don't even know the route to the centre so well so... hehaaa. great...


  1. Hey, do you guys ever go out on weekends? We could crash into each other! *bumb*

  2. Isn't black mini skirts the most basic ones to find :O