Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 3: First day at work and creepy people at the bus stop

Today was my first day as a trainee at RockJet. I really liked being there, I absolutely love their clothes and accessories *-*

I woke up at 8, and it surprised me that I got up pretty easily :D Probably 'cos I was so excited. I went to work by bus, and the people at the bus stop were a bit.. well, interesting XD One woman came to me:

"So you're waiting the bus huh?"
"uh... yeah.."
"Are you a student?"
"yeah, doing my intern ship here"
"nice, what do you study?"
"Fashion and clothing"
"ah I see! Your clothes are very stylish. How old are you?"
"oooh.. bar age! I haven't drunk anything in 4 years..." 
"Well that's good, no?"
"Yeah well, I have to go to the mental hospital every now and then, and I'm on meds..." 

uh.... what? XD I could have said to the woman that "I feel you" but I decided to keep my mouth shut :D There was also a very angry old woman who kept saying that "Jealousy! It's the worst thing in this whole world! It's a huge sin! The Bible says that you can't envy other people!!" ...right :D and then there was this man who was just... weird :D

XD oh well, back to the work stuff. At first I vacuumed and washed the floor and organised some products, then I learned some cashier stuff which wasn't that hard :D. The biggest work of the day was to count the hair colors, damn there were a lot of them @___@ But it had to be done so my boss could now which ones were out of stock. I also went to the post office to post the orders from the webshop. 

My boss is very nice ^^ We talked a lot about stuff and I introduced him to Japanese metal :DDD Not sure if he liked it though XD But we did hear one Versailles-song at the shop! \o/

There were lovely catalogues in the shop *-* Mostly Demonia and New Rock. Ah, I love Demonia-shoes <3 I also got to know a jewelry brand called dark-silver, they have very nice jewelry! I especially liked the rings <3 I decided, that when I will get engaged and later married, I want the other ring to be this: 

It's so pretty *-* <3 oh well... let's wait for that day... Which will be in... 1000 years -___-;;

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