Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chapter 4: Mannequins...

Here is the new shop window of RockJet! Made by me ^^ 

ok, the picture sucks -___-;; But I can show you better pictures of some of the products there~

Luv Bunny hoodie, it has bunny ears ^^

Iron Fist hoodie
 Decorating the window was nice, but gosh, putting on TROUSERS for the mannequin was a real pain in the ass... bleh. I bet the people passing by had fun to look at me fighting with the dolls XD

I also got to know another worker of RockJet. She is very nice! ^^ It was so easy to talk to her, even though we had a lot of totally different opinions about stuff XD The day was very quiet but it didn't feel too long with her. 

oh btw, look! 

...the EYE XD lol

My ear is stretched to 3mm now! ...what a huge success, lol XD I've had 2mm for five years, I didn't plan to stretch anything. Mainly because the spiral is in the second hole, so I thought it would look weird with normal earrings. But then we started to talk about stretching with Ulla (my work mate), and she said that she had stretched her second hole and it didn't look so bad. Then I started to think about it and, why not! So there it is ^^ ....hurting @__@ oh and! I was very surprised that I got staff discount (30%)! o_O Even though I'm just a trainee! awesome.... 8DDD The price of the spiral was 6€, but I got it for 4,20€ ^^

bleh.. I'm feeling a bit sad. I haven't been able to talk to my bf in two days ;__; He's busy or something, idk -___-;; pffff, whatever. 

ps. I ate Kinder eggs today! 8D <3

a hippo and a spinning top!


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