Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapter 19: What a cheerful day this was!

hahahaha, my cheeks hurt, I've been laughing so much today! :D Nothing special, I just was in a very good mood! ^^

We got some new items at work today! Cosmic Clothing -shirts! I told you about the order earlier, I got to choose the shirts ^^ THEY*RE SO CUTE!!! I know I will spend some money next month, hehaaa. 

JUST LOOK AT THEM!!! I have to get the Killer Tomato and the Gozilla!!! And I want a third one as well but I haven't decided yet which one. iiiihh! <3 byebye money!

While we were organising the new clothes, we were listening 90's greatest hits XD Gosh, I love the pop- and electro dance -music from the 90's XD E-Type, Back Street Boys, Aqua, Spice Girls, Toy Box, N*Sync..... aaaahahahahah. Maybe that's why I have been so cheerful 'cos the songs are so happy XD Seriously, me and my friend were wondering that no wonder that young people are depressed nowadays 'cos songs are either about suicides and heart aches or "Oh yeah baby I'm gonna fuck you in the ass" -____-;; Oh those times... Even though I was very little XD

XD <3

I was feeling like taking pictures in the morning so I decided to take a picture of my outfit of today ^^* 

I've made the corset and the skirt myself ^^ I really like making clothes! ...if I have a proper sewing machine. After I started studying clothing and fashion, I have got to sew with the industry sewing machines. Once you sew with them, you do NOT want to sew with a normal, lame home sewing machine... -___-;; I really have to buy one when I graduate.
(oh and, if someone is wondering the skirt's fabric and what's in it, it's a circus-theme fabric! It has clowns, giraffes and elephants in it! XD <3)

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