Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 12: Friday 13th!!!

mmm mmm mmmm It's Friday 13th!! HAIL JASON!!!

 0:39 The best Jason-scene EVER XDDDD <3

There's the new Friday 13th -movie on TV tonight. It's soooo good. I HAVE to watch it. The problem is that it starts at 1am and ends at 3am. And I have to work tomorrow XD oh well, shit happens. JASON <3

The trailer of the movie

(damn I'm hyper active.....)

As I've shortly told you guys in some post, I have a severe serial killer addiction. I go CRAZY about them, especially of Jason Voorhees. Michael Myers is an awesome number two. I absolutely adore gore movies. I have collected all 11 Jason movies. Now I should get the Halloween, SAW, Hostel and Chucky-movies. I also have the original movies of Nightmare on the Elm Street (7 movies), but I haven't got the new one yet. booohooo, I NEED MONEY.

Michael Myers

Freddy Krueger


I don't only enjoy serial killer movies, I also love watching the real serial killer documentaries. My "favourites" are Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy. And Charles Manson. and and and.... :DDD The really old ones, Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd fascinate me a lot as well.

Ed Gein

John Wayne Gacy, the Clown
Charles Manson
 Goddamn it. There are movies of all of them and I haven't seen them!?!?! the fuck. I have to fix this. soooooon O___O

XD ok maybe this was everything about my not-so-secret fetish. I did some shopping today! I've been lusting more wall flags, and today at work I found one: Slipknot! <3 Again :D I already have a Slipknot wall flag, but now I got another one! Let's see if I'm able to fit it in my room or not XD Or then I'll tri to find one more and make them my curtains O__O <3 fuck yeah. That's my plan when I go back to Jyväskylä after summer!

oh and, I'm feeling very proud atm :D My boss was ordering new clothes from Cosmic Clothes today, it's a brand with "horror cute" shirts, a bit like Cupcake Cult and Heartless, but a bit more cute :D Anyway, he let ME decide what he should order, he said: "You decide, you're the expert!" muahahahaaaa! I'm the horror shirt expert 8DDD *proud*

Cupcake Cult. I love this shirt, I'm so gonna buy it someday! 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures of Cosmic Clothing -shirts o__o They must be very new, I couldn't find ANYTHING related to them on the internet. booo. My blog post almost became perfect -___-;; Oh well, Cupcake Cult is a better brand anyway :DDD


  1. Woah, that Pikachu shirt is awesome, I could wear it! :D

    1. hahaaaa <3 jepjep, voisin pitää tota ihan hyvällä omatunnolla ku en hirveesti välitä Pokemoneista :D