Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chapter 13: Rat-washing!

Yay! Today I made my own rat tutorial, how to wash your rat and how to lotion its tail.

First, you have to make sure the water's temperature isn't too hot and neither too cold. You can test it with your wrist, so called "hand warmth" is good. When you put the rat to the water, the first reaction is usually to poop in the water. It's totally normal because they might be feeling a bit agitated about the water. Ada pooped A LOT XD More than usually. I think she was a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, poor thing... 
Some rats do like water though, it depends how well you introduce them to water when they're little. I didn't do it -___-;; I know I should have. 

You can use normal dish detergent to was your rats. Usually when I say to people that "I wash my babies with Fairy! 8D" They're like whaaaaat?? XD But it's true! Dish detergent or dog shampoo is the best, and guess which one is cheaper... It's very important to learn the correct grip, especially while putting the detergent to the fur. The rat is VERY slippery, so your grip must be firm, but not too tight.

The easiest way to rinse the rat is to put it directly under the tap. This may sound "cruel", but it's not :D The only negative thing is that you have to turn the rat on its back while rinsing its belly. Putting a rat on his back is dominating.

Drying is simple: just dry the rat with a towel first so you can get rid of most of the water. Then it's good to put her into a travel box, so they don't mess their wet fur in the cage.

Why is it important to wash and lotion the tail? Rat's tail is very sensitive, it gets dirty and dries very easily. It's good to use cotton pads. Just add a small amount of lotion to it, and lotion the tail. The pad collects the rest of the possible dirt.

And voilà! You rat is clean ^^

pffff... fucking great, I'm sick AGAIN. Yesterday my throat and head started to hurt. I was feeling a bit nauseaus as well. When I woke up this morning, I was feeling so dead... The pain in my throat was unbearable, and the nausea was first. I was afraid that I'm gonna throw up, but luckily I didn't @___@ The shittiest part is that I had planned to go to work today!! I've been at work only on two days this week... fuck. oh well, I hope I will be healthy next week!!

mmmm, there's a Johnny Depp -movie on TV! Public Enemies. I haven't seen it actually o__O It's a movie I wouldn't normally watch, but because it has Johnny Depp in it, I have to!! He's my favourite actor, I absolutely love him and his movies. I collect them, at the moment I have 23 movies of his. I have to get them aaaaalll! @___@ damn, so many movies I have to buy... 

mmmmm <3
Ps. My sister visited me today ^^ I hadn't seen her in a looooong time, so it was nice <3 Too bad she had only about 3 hours to spend with me ;__; I have to visit her soon...

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