Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 18: My lovely weekend

Purr <3 My weekend was awesome! I was visiting my boyfriend, I had so much fun *-* Too bad we are both so broke that we couldn't afford doing many nice things, like going to the movies or to a nice restaurant, but well, we had each other so that's enough <3 We were playing video games and watching movies and stuff. And cuddling *___*

I arrived at his place on Friday evening. We cooked dinner and watched a movie called Apollo 18. sucked -___-;; It was made like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity etc., filmed by the actors themselves. It told about two astronauts who go to the moon and there are some weird killer stone-aliens or something. Here's the trailer -___-;;

On Saturday we went to the centre, I wanted to go to pet shops so I could buy a harness for my rats :D I found them, they're so tiny and cute!! 

...I was supposed to put these on them but it didn't go so well... I wanted to get a video of my girls running with these but now you just get to see the harness, without the rats XD They hate them ;___; I WILL get them wear them, someday....

Anyway, in the evening I was playing my bf's favourite video game, Diablo 3. or, the beta version of it, it's not out yet. The game is pretty good o_O Not so nerv-wrecking as most of the video games I've played :DDD I even passed the whole beta! 

We also watched the movie Contagion, I liked it! It was as good as I had imagined it ^^ And there was Kate Winslet in it *-*

My bf also introduced to two TV-shows. The other one I liked, and the other one I didn't like >___< The one I liked was called Game of Thrones, a medieval fantasy TV-show. The plot is pretty complicated, but it's a good show anyway XD ....gosh, I sound like such a noob, I can imagine my bf making HEADDESK if he reads this... -___-;; Anyway XD The show has a very good actor in it, Sean Bean *-* love him. He fits perfectly in medieval roles! o_o

Sean Bean as Ned Stark

The show I didn't like was Walking Dead. It's about zombies, I can't stand zombies ;___; They're scaryyyy...

hahaaaa, btw, I finally got a picture of me and Joni! :DDD <3 it's a bit random though, but I love it XD <3

XD I had taken a nap earlier so my eyebrows are a bit... worn out :D And as you can see I dyed my hair! ^^ 

I really like the color! *-* I bet my parents will be VERY shocked XDDD