Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chapter 20: Well this day sucked...

ARGH. This day started off well, I was in a good mood etc, nothing was wrong. ...until lunch time. I went to Subway to get some food, and when I walked back outside, some bitch almost drove across me, and after that dares to call me a WHORE??? I was so confused and stunned that I had to stop walking, I stood there for like three seconds and raised my middle finger at her. Not sure if she saw it... 

The thing is, I HATE that word, I never use it, not even about actual "whores". I prefer the word prostitue. All these "whore, slut" and other words like that have never sounded good to my ears. And I DEFINITELY DO NOT appreciate it if someone says like that about ME. That person gets to feel my wrath at that situation... for real.

pff, that's not all. The other thing that bugs me is my work mate... She's an awesome person and I'm glad I've got to know her, but there are certain features and actions that really piss me off! Arhh... I don't wanna start bashing her here, but there are some things I have to bring up to our boss... She's not being fair at all... But I'm not too happy about turning her in >___< bleh.

Oh well, something positive for a change: I got surprised this morning because my bank account had more money than I had expected! Yaaay, thanks grandma! :D So, that means that I got to buy the shirts I wanted!! *-*

Aren't they cute??? hihih, me likey <3


  1. I don't like when people call me names like that either, it's so mean. Also, those shirts are adorable! I really like the tomato. :)

    1. Yeah... Ok, I DO call people names pretty often, but those are the usual "asshole, douchebag, moron" etc, but the word Whore always sounds very bad...

      and thanks! hahaha they're too adorable!!!