Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 9: Home sweet home

Sooo, the Easter is over soon, gotta go back to work tomorrow. I had an awesome time and I hope next Easter will be the same :D Me and my friends decided to make the party a tradition 'cos last year was awesome as well. 

I woke up at 12, ah, lovely! No sleep debts any more \o/ Me and my parents were supposed to go to a very nice restaurant, but it was closed because of Easter ;__; well, duh, but we didn't remember it -___-;; So we went to eat at a cheaper place instead. Oh well, it was ok 'cos I my friends were there at the same time! :D 

So, now I'm back home and I missed my baby girls so much! *-* And they were happy to see me as well <3 I was a bit worried 'cos they had to be alone for a few days in a new place, but they were ok ^^

I also made an impulse purchase today! XD I usually don't, but today I had to <3

Isn't she lovely!?!? I saw her in the shelf of a kiosk and I had to get her *__* so yeah, I decided that she is a girl and that her name is Nelli <3 When we got home with Taru, I went to dig my bows and head pins and put one on her head <3 bf was indirectly telling me I'm crazy, he sometimes doesn't understand my love for everything that has eyes XDDD He said Nelli looks sad. ...and yeah she kinda does :D BUT SHE IS ADORABLE !!! period.

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