Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chapter 17: I wonder when spring and summer comes...

;____; I was a bout to cry when I looked out of the window when I woke up this morning. 

 I HATE WINTER!! It's cold, it's wet, it's slippery, the snow blinds me every time I go out, my skin is bad. . . gahhhh, go awaaaaayyyyy ;____; come on!! It's fucking April already. . .

The view from the bus stop -___-;;

pffff. . . Today I decided to take all the jewels off of my left ear. It's getting worse all the time .___. I won't wear any earrings until it's completely healed.

My camera sucks, but trust me, it's ugly -__-;;

XDDD btw, I loled so hard a while ago. 

I WANT THAT CAR XDDDD ahahahahahahaha it's so cute. It would be perfect if it was pink!! But the most I loled at my bf's comment:

"You should get that! If someone hits it, it immediately rolls over!" that he means the car is just like ME -___-;; I always run into stuff ;___; Especially doors and closets!!!! Those things are from Satan himself -__-;; But it's not my fault! Don't come on my way when I walk!!! >8(((

Oh and, my bf just introduced me to something absolutely beautiful <3

The Servant of Oni from a game called Magic the Gathering, a card role playing game. I've never played it, but Joni does. When he showed me that I totally fell in love. It's a RAT!! <3 A very cool and beautiful one <3

oh and! I'm gonna dye my hair tomorrow! 8D I'm not gonna tell which color, hih ^^ I wanna shock all the people :D

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