Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chapter 2: Moving completed!

Damn I'm tired @__@ I woke up at 8 o'clock, no idea when my father did o_O at least he had done the dishes by then! There was still some small packing to do so we had to wake up early. I was amusing my girls while dad was putting their cage to pieces. We had some problem to fit all the stuff in our small car :D but in the end we managed~ We started to drive towards Vaasa a bit over 11 am.

The car ride was long and tiring, about 4 hours. I felt bad for girls 'cos their travelling box is very small >__< Oh well, Adele was mostly sleeping, but Ada was very bored :D Every time I opened the box's lid, she was trying to get out of there :D 


nomnom watermelon!


travelling is tiring <3

When we got at our new home, the girls were very tired. Dad built their cage back together and I decorated it. When they finally got inside, they were checking up places a little, but then they went to sleep. And they're still sleeping o__o poor things... <3

My friend Taru liked them, but my other friend Meiju didn't like them so much, she didn't even wanna pet them!! ;__; XD she's the first person who doesn't like them!! boohoo. That gave me the idea to make a poll, I wanna know what people think about rats because they are animals that cause a lot of different opinions. I hope I will get many answers!

Lol, we went to the supermarket, we bought groceries worth 50€, of which 28€ was mine o___o I buy expensive things >__< but tasty things as well ;__;

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, my first day at RockJet!! hihiii, I think it's gonna be great! Wish me luck :D

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