Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapter 16: Skin is a funny system

My skin is in a very bad shape >___<

There are two big wounds on my face, and my ear isn't feeling so great either. But my face.... WHY MY FACE?!?! Some people might think that I've been slaughtering pimples, but they are not pimples. . .  One day I just noticed two small round wounds on my face. aaaand because I have this addiction to rip wounds open, no matter where they are, they're not healing very quickly >___<  I really should get rid of that habit, but I've done it since I was a small kid so... fml -___-;; 

My ear has been in a bad condition after I stretched it to 3mm. I've decided that if it doesn't heal in a few months I have to take it off and let it close up >__< Oh well, that would be better, I don't want my ear to look rotten for 24/7 :DDD 

Today I had to be alone at work for 5 hours. I actually liked it o__O It seemed like the day went faster when I got to be alone. I got to make my own play list to the company's Spotify, yay! It has been a long time since I've listened to System of a Down. They have so many awesome songs!! :D <3

Banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie!
Banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie!

XDDDD kick-ass. Epic randomness!


  1. aaaaaaw tack, va snällt skrivet ^_^ You don't look so bad yourself :)

    1. awww, thanks!
      ....at the moment I don't feel so attractive though :D because of the skin problems -___-;;