Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chapter 10: Foooood!!

@___@ I'm full. But that's a very good thing! I noticed that I had lost 3kg last week 'cos I didn't eat that well... Actually I didn't eat proper food at all.. So, today I decided to check my friend's cook books, there were a lot of good recipes so I decided that now I'm gonna start cooking, god damn it! >__< 

So, today we made wraps! nomnomnom. Wraps with chicken, Tex Mex -sauce, tomatoes, cucumber, salad and sweet pepper! ^^ My friend was laughing at me sometimes though XD You know, I don't cook that much so I didn't even know how to use a fucking knife properly XDDD (Krista + a knife + Krista's serial killer addiction = not so good)

Taru: "yaaay! Tortillas!"

I also baked pineapple-honey-cupcakes, they became pretty good, but they look a bit pathetic XDDD The cups were so big and I put only a little amount of dough in them so they didn't rise enough :D fail. I sould have used less cups and put more dough in them :D yeah.. Krista baking... Taru was telling me how she was afraid to let me bake the cupcakes alone XDDD I said "yeeeah, don't be too surprised if you find a finger or other body parts in them.." Oh well, they taste good! And no body parts! ... but the texture could be a bit better o_O

XD the tiny cupcakes

Meh, I was sick today  so I couldn't go to work... Hopefully I feel better tomorrow ;__; But I have a feeling I don't, boooo...

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