Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chapter 11: Getting the girls' nails done

Today me and Taru cut my rats' nails, damn they were long @__@ My hands are full of little wounds because I've been holding them, which wasn't that nice 'cos the nails were scratching pretty painfully >__< so, today it was time to get them cut! 

It's impossible to do it alone, so Taru helped me. She was holding them and I cut the nails. In my own apartment, my room mate was holding them still. I was surprised 'cos Adele was more calm than before o__o She only screamed once!! ...ok, that sounded bad XD I never hurt her, she's just so fucking dramatic 'cos she hates it when her nails are cut, so she screams all the time. Ada was as calm as usual ^^ mommy's good girl <3

I found some videos on YouTube about cutting rat's nails, and I found one where a woman actually CAN cut rat's nails alone. Respect... @__@ The rat is so calm! and cute <3 I wish there had been a third person to take my cutting on a video so I could have made my own tutorial. But we didn't, so bleh. 
In another video there were two girls, and the other one says that the nails should be cut every 6-8 weeks. BULLSHIT. My girls' nails grow awfully long in 1½ weeks!! I would never wait for two months to cut them... 

Anyway, here's the video. And as always, this blog doesn't have a post without pictures!


  1. Replies
    1. hahah, thank you! They're my precious babies <3

    2. You're welcome! I have a rat too. I've had many over the years but right now I have an adorable boy named Gary! I definitely understand the love one can have for these precious creatures. They're truly wonderful! I also have 2 ferrets :) My husband and I just adore them!

    3. I love ferrets!!! <3
      You only have one rat? o_O Does it spend time with the ferrets? Just thinking 'cos rats should have a partner.