Monday, April 16, 2012

Chapter 15: Animals! \o/

hahahah, what a day.. I missed the bus to work, so I was one hour late -___-;; And I was close to miss the second bus as well 'cos I saw a cat on the road XD I had to run after him and pet him. He was soooo cute *-* And tame and playful. At first I thought that he would be scared and wouldn't come to me when I kneeled down, but when I reached my arm to him he came to me ^^ <3 I could have sat there the hole day just petting him :D There was some guy near me and he was smiling, I guess he was slightly amused. I bet he thought I was crazy 'cos I'm petting outdoor cats. hmm well, the truth is that you never know which kind of bacteria they carry with them >__< pffff well, you can always wash your hands!

The poor thing had a big wound in his ear ;___; If my friend wouldn't be allergic and if I hadn't had work today, I probably would have carried him inside and ake care of the wound :D I love cats so much... And all the other animals as well. Seriously, there is NO mammals, reptiles, birds or spiders that I would consider ugly or scary <3 ok, some animals might be ugly as hell but then they are so ugly they are adorable! XDDD The only race of animals I don't like are insects... blergh @__@

Argh! I could have taken a picture of the cat 'cos I had my camera with me!! But I didn't remember that at that moment -__-;; damn it... oh well, if I had done that, it would have taken more time and I probably would have missed the bus :D 

gaaaahh, I can't wait for the day when I'm not a poor student any more... I want a sphynx cat... I've been dreaming about having one since I saw the sphynx kitties of my cousin's neighbours a few years ago. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Most people keep saying that they look ugly. Screw you ;____; They are so lovely <3<3<3hmm, I think I'm gonna make a poll about this next.

A sweater!!! *-* <3
AHAHAAHAH as my bf said: "It looks like someone forgot it in the bathtub for the night"
babies! <3

Hmm, I'm not 100% sure if I'm ever able to get one though. If the relationship between me and my bf actually goes somewhere, my boyfriend is very allergic to cats ;__; Some allergic people are ok with Sphynx cats 'cos they have no hair and their skin becomes oily very easily so you have to wash them every week. That's why Sphynx cats have less dandruff in their skin. But sometimesm that doesn't guarantee anything :< booo. ....and Joni isn't too fond of Sphynx cats either -___-;; pfff. Oh well, it's far in the future, and I don't feel like stressing about it. bleh. 

Lol and, today in the middle of the work day I went to a pet shop to get some food for my girls. My boss let me go there 'cos the pet shop closes the same time as our shop, so I couldn't have gone there after work. Anyway, there were a lot of these cute animals: hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds... AND BUNNIES!!!!! oh my god bunnies!!! <3<3<3 was very hard for me to leave from the shop. Actually I stayed there for a while XD But then I remembered that I was still "at work" so I had to go back and leave the bunnies alone ;___; 

When I buy my girls food from pet shops, I always buy Rat Complete. This shop didn't have it so I had to buy something else... They had this food called Rat Nature so I bought that. I hope it's as good as Rat Complete. least it was more expensive -___-;;

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