Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chapther 23: The zoo at the drunken neighbourhood

Haha! I had so much fun yesterday. I was drinking with my childhood friend Ville and his girlfriend. 

They had been drinking all day, but I didn't want to start drinking immediately when I arrived 'cos I hadn't eaten properly yet :D I had just been eating candy and cereal XD So we grilled at first ^^ 

After we ate, we went to see their neighbours, and I fell in love *___* One couple had a French bulldog!!! I have always thought that they are cute, but this was the first time I could actually meet and pet a French bulldog. The breed is soooo lovely <3 The dog's name was Lyyti ^^

iiiiihhh <3<3<3
There were other animals as well :D Ville's girlfriend has a dog as well, he was spending some time with us as well. The poor thing was harassed by Lyyti XD

Masi ^^
The owner of the house, and older man we called Hasse, had a cat. Her name was Niño, she was so adorable *___* She didn't like me that much though :< She was a bit shy. And the poor thing was a bit too fat as well XD
There was an older lady in the house as well, and she had a bird! It was so cute, and the name was even cuter XD Napoleon! \o/ 
I heard that there was a chameleon in the neighbourhood as well, but we didn't know the people so well so we didn't dare to go ask if I could see it XD It would have been so cool!! *-*

eh, so anyway, the evening was great! Even though Hasse was a very random old fellow XD He was telling me all the time how I should eat more. After a while it started to annoy me 'cos he kept repeating it. I KNOW I*M SKINNY >__< lol, and suddenly he started to talk about my boobs XD whaaaat. Ville had warned me about Hasse but I didn't expect THAT XD

gaahh, my abs hurt @___@ we were having some sort of competition where we had to be in a certain position for as long as we can. I don't know that the exercise is called in English, but the position is like this:

 @___@ it was rough. At first the best time, by Hasse, was 2 minutes and 19 seconds. I got 2:31, hah! I was so proud! ....until Hasse tried again and beat me with 2:38 -___-;; booooo! I tried again as well but I was too tired after the first time so I only lasted for about 1½ minutes.

When we got back to Ville's and Helmiina'splace, we sang some karaoke XD Hahahahah we raped so many songs... But the best one was when me and Ville sang Barbie Girl XD HAHA. epic. We should have recorded that.

Thank God I didn't have a terrible hangover today :D I was a bit shaky in the morning, but I haven't been nauseous at all! Maybe because I was wiser and decided to buy 20% liquor instead of 40% booze XD

And in the end, here's a picture of me and Ville ^^ 

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