Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New DVD-babies!

I have bought some movies lately. I found such great and interesting movies with very low price so I just had to buy them even though I'm poor as fuck :D I also just ordered a shitload of eyelashes from eBay... Cheap stuff is baaaaad!

My Bloody Valentine
Dark Shadows
Halloween 2 (the original)

I'm so happy about the new babies for my Johnny Depp and serial killer -collections!!! <3 The 50/50-movie is some random comedy I bought so I could get the other movies cheaper XD Too bad I can't watch any of these now because I don't have a DVD-player atm!! ;____; fuck my life. My Xbox's remote control broke, and you can't watch DVDs without it so... no DVDs for me now .____. I don't have money for a DVD-player so I just have to watch them with my bf's laptop or PS3 whenever I get the chance :DD

For those who don't know/haven't seen these movies, here are the trailers!

A serial killer with a gas mask. HOW FUCKING PERFECT IS THAT. Ahhh. Me and my weird addictions and fetishes :DDDD <3

I just love these movies of Johnny Depp <3 They're so funny!! I have 23 Johnny Depp movies in my collection now! (I remembered I had more, 26 or something, but I remembered wrong .____. I need MOAAARRR!)

Michael Myers <3 My favourite after Jason Voorhees.

I think this movie has an interesting plot, and the trailer is pretty funny :D Also, the actors are great!!

I love collecting movies *-*

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