Friday, April 12, 2013

ANDY McCOY in Jyväskylä on April 6th.

Okay, I've calmed down a bit from the panic caused by Adele's condition so I think it's finally time to write the post about my Rock N Roll God performing in the city where I live. He was performing with his new band, Grease Helmet. It was one of the best nights in my life. Actually, I think it was the best night ever <3 

For those, who don't know who Andy McCoy is, he is the guitarist of a famous Finnish rock band called Hanoi Rocks. I have been their fan for soooo long, so I was very happy that I was finally able to meet Andy <3 I never got to go to a Hanoi Rocks -concert... (I have never been so angry when my parents told me I can't go.... I was throwing chairs in the kitchen and everything :DDD) 

They performed in a hotel bar called Jyväshovi. The place opened and the ticket sale started at 9pm, so I went there immediately so I would certainly get the ticket. I hadn't bought it beforehand so I was feeling a bit stressed :D I went there alone, because my lame-ass friends don't appreciate good music, which was kind of a bummer 'cos the music on the dancefloor was AWESOME, all kinds of old rock n' roll legends! I wanted to dance so bad!! But I didn't want to dance alone so I just sat still and drank my drinks.... And I only could drink two drinks 'cos I didn't have any money -____-;; Oh well, I didn't want to drink too much anyway :DD
Actually, I did dance two songs! With an older gentleman XD He was so sweet when he came to ask me dance so I couldn't say no, lol. It was so much fun. I also didn't need to be alone the whole evening, 'cos I got to know three other fans so I spent the rest of the evening with them. It was fun ^^

Then, the moment came when Mr. Andy McCoy walked across the room. My heart stopped and my jaw dropped. I ran after him and told him that he's one of the best musicians in the whole world. Unfortunately, he was drunk as fuck, and couldn't say anything outloud, but his lips moved like "thank you" and he nodded XDDDDDDDD That wasn't anything new though... Anyway, I went back to sit on my place, until my heart woke up and started beating like crazy and I felt like crying. So I rose from the seat again and went to the toilet XD I looked at myself in the mirror, cried a bit and breahed in like a pregnant woman and thought "You're gonna be ok, you're gonna be ok." Yeeeah... It was a very overwhelming moment :DDDDDDDD Epic fangirl panic attack was epic. 

The show time was at midnight. I was in the front line, right in front of Jere (the singer) and Andy. I was so close I could touch them! When Andy came on stage, he gave this booze glass to the guy next to me. I was so jealous that I took the glass from his hand and took a sip XD In the encore he had also a glass but he was drinking it himself. I tried to get a sip from that as well, but he didn't let me ;____; boohoo.

I think the best moment in the whole concert was the moment when I got a bruise from Andy 'cos he kicked me in my hand XDDDDDDDDDDD lol what. It hurt. A lot. But it was worth it 8DDD You don't get bruises from your idol every day XD Also, he had very nice shoes *-* All of the band members did! 

The ugly truth is that Andy McCoy doesn't respect his fans at all... He is VERY rude :DD But he gets everything forgiven just because he's Andy. He's being himself, 100%. Which is good. Anyway, one of the best "speeches" he gave was when a fan started to sing a song before it had even started.

"Oh, would you like to sing the whole song?
You think you've got such a pretty voice?
Do you need a church choir?
Are you from the Catholic church?
Are you a faggot??"

What the fuck, seriously XDDDDDDDDDDD

Overall, the concert was amazing... I must say that Jere Garcia is my new celebrity crush *____* He's so CUTE. So adorable. I got his drinking bottle hihihihi. He gave it to me personally 8D ALSO! I found his Facebook-account and sent him a friend request and he accepted it *-* I guess he remembered me 'cos I was standing right in front of him :D 
When the concert had ended I also ripped the song list from the floor XD I'm a real hamster when it comes to concerts.... I think it was allowed to take pictures, but the concert was so special to me that I couldn't focus on taking pictures. I did take one picture of Andy though, but it's a bit blurry .___.


Also, here's a picture of my treasures XD hohoho <3

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