Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy birthday Nöpö!

Today, is our cat's birthday <3 She is 15 years old today! Fifteen.... whoah. It's very hard to believe because she is in a very good shape and still very energetic. It's good, because I know there are still many years to come for her ^^<3 

I was 7 years old when my family got her. I kinda regret it, because Nöpö was supposed to be my cat, but I was waaay too young to have a pet... I didn't let her have her privacy at all. I was all "OH LOOK,  A KITTEH!!" all the time ;___; So, me and Nöpö have always had this love/hate-relationship XD I mean, I love her, but the cat fucking hates me :DDDDDDDDD But!! Everytime I'm sick or sad, she comes to me and lies with me in bed <3 So, she does care, after all!!

She as always been an indoor-cat. We have let her go outside only in summers, strictly supervised :DD But now my parents live in the city centre so we won't let her go out anymore. Way too many cars. That's why she has lived such a long life. I could never have a cat that goes out all the time, I would be worried sick ;___;

Miss Grumpy XD <3
"I'd rather not have that kiss..."

Happy birthday our dear honeyboo <3 We love you very, very much!