Monday, May 6, 2013

Another overly cute key-chain :D

XD I'm drowning in key-chains!! Look what I got this time! :DDD

I got this one from my boyfriend's mother :D Thank you, Asta! *-* I love it!! And!! It's not just a key-chain, it is also...

A PEZ-DISPENSER!!! 8DDD <3 hahahahaah, I love Pez, and I have many Hello-Kitty Pez-dispensers, but not a soft one *___* This one is so lovely that I removed two of my other key-chains so I could use this one :D

heeeheeeeee! ^^ Lol, I have more key-chains than I have keys XD But they're all so nice!! .___.

hmmm, what else is new? Nothing much. I went to see my baby girls on Thursday, I had missed them so much ;;____;; They had not forgotten about me <3 When we took them outside, Ada was sitting on my lap almost all the time <3 Adele was also hiding inside my shirt every now and then :DD Also, my boyfriend visited me last weekend. It was nice <3 Except that I didn't sleep well at all 'cos my bed is too small for two people and I get agitated if someone is sleeping very close to me, even if it's my own bf XDD I NEED MY SPACE! @___@

On Saturday I went to sell some clothes to a rock N roll flea market! I have so many emo clothes that I don't wear anymore so I thought that this would be a good way to get rid of them. Well... it wasn't XD I only sold two CDs, one skirt and one shirt. The people there were mostly metal heads or 80's inspired rockers, so they didn't find any use for my clothes. But it's ok, I really enjoyed being there!! I just love selling clothes and advising people with them *-* Also, the flea market was open only for three hours, so maybe I could have sold more clothes if it had been open for the whole day. I earned 8€ !! XDDD epic. Actually, I earned 13€ but the selling table cost 5€ :D

After the flea market, me and my boyfriend went to Amarillo to eat. I just love that restaurant so much *___* Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the foods 'cos I was so goddamn hungry I just dig straight in XD But trust me, it was good. Whiskey corn for starters, garlic chicken with red wine sauce for main course, and nut-chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert <3 great, now I'm lusting for Amarillo's food again... .___.

Also, I've shopped again! oops :D I bought my bridesmaid-dress for my sister's wedding! I'm not gonna show it to you yet 'cos it haven't arrived. I ordered it from eBay, I hope they will ship me the right and fitting dress :DD I have always had good experiences with shopping on eBay, but you never know :DD We will see. Today I also bought a shitload of barbells for my tongue!!  I can't wait to get rid of this original barbell, it's so long @__@ It bothers me, big time. Argh. 

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