Thursday, April 25, 2013


I DID IT. I got a tongue piercing!!! I've been lusting for it for so many years, but I've been too scared to take one... But today. I faced my fears and took it! heeheeeee.

It was absolutely terrible... I was VERY scared, and the piercing was even worse than I had thought @___@ It hurt so bad... Also, my friend made it because she is a trainee in a clothing/piercing shop. It was the first tongue piercing she had ever done so it was even more scary XD But it went well. Thank god I had my friends with me XD One was holding my hand and other one was taking pictures :DD

The pain is still awful :D The whole tongue is aching and eating is... well. Eating is very hard atm XD I feel like a baby learning to eat for the first time XDD And this lovely pain and challenging eating will continue the next two weeks, or even more .____. dammit.

Unfortunately Blogger is being an ass atm so I can't upload the photos right now ;___; I will show them to you later.

Things are not going that great otherwise... My selfish moronic idiot boyfriend is very angry at me because of the piercing... Which is very stupid and childish in my opinion. He is afraid that I will cover my whole face with piercings now. Yeah.... suuuure -______-;; No way. It's exactly the same thing with tattoos as well. Every time I get a new tattoo, he starts to sulk. It sucks because things are very good otherwise, this is the only thing we fight about!!! I don't understand why the only reason must be this small and pointless and... ARGH.

Second of all, I have to give my baby girl away... They are moving to a new home tomorrow. On Tuesday I realised that my allergy had gotten so bad that I simply can't take care of my babies anymore... I was very sad and crying hysterically 'cos I was afraid that I have to put the alseep, but thank God my friend's friend is very glad to take them to her home <3 I'm so thankful I can't even express it... I can go visit my girls anytime I want <3
Anyway, even though I'm happy that I don't need to put my girls asleep, I'm still sad that I have to give them away. I really don't need a stupid fight with my boyfriend atm... He should be supporting me. But nooooo...

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