Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Creepy cute short films

Last night I was spending time in YouTube, and stumbled upon a few very lovely short films. When I had watched them I immediately wanted to make a post about them and share them with you guys!

The Sandman

Everybody knows Sandman, right? The lovely little fellow who gives good dreams to children by throwing magic sand on them. Well, this video is a bit more scarier version of the original Sandman. The Sandman here throws sand on children when they are going to sleep, and then rips off their eyes to feed his children with them. It's pretty sad and very creepy, but I loved it!

The End

This is a story about a scarecrow that is condemned to prison because of being friends with a bird, instead of scaring it. While he is in prison, this bird comes and attacks him. He feels scared and can't defend himself from the attacks. He then goes unconscious. After a while he wakes up and realizes that he's not in the prison anymore: The bird was attacking him and stole his stuffing so it could set him free by building him again. The quality of the film is pretty poor, but I liked the story a lot *-*


This one is a bit goofy, but I wanted to watch it because of the woodoo-dolls! <3 They're so adorable! XD Anyway, the film tells a story about a society of dolls, where each doll is a certain number, from 0 to 9. The zeros are treated like garbage. In the end, the society realizes that zeros are not worthless after all, they can create something very big and meaningful.

The Maker

I absolutely loved this one ;____; It's so cute but very sad... The theme of this film is pretty much the same as in the Frankestein. A lonely bunny(-ish thingie :D) is creating a female bunny. At first I thought he is making her for company, but there is this weird hourglass, and the bunny seems to be in a hurry. At first he's afraid that he won't be able to bring her to life, but then he discovers music and the female bunny awakes. They get to spend a few minutes together, while the male bunny gives her a book where are the instructions to create a bunny. The hourglass then stops and the male bunny dies and vanishes in the air. It was so sad ;;__________;;


Another story about a society of which people are marked by numbers! :D This is a Japanese short movie about a city where every single day is exactly the same. As you can see, the mouths of the children are shut with zippers, so they can't change things. One day, this one child gets tired of everything, and gets enough strength to open the zipper. After this, all the children's mouths opens, and they go do whatever they want. The ending of this is creepy as hell, but very adorable at the same time XDD

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