Friday, April 26, 2013

Piercing photos

Blogger is still being an ass, I can't upload any pictures from my PC's desktop, but I can upload them via Internet. Weird... Does anyone else have this kind of problem with Blogger? o_O Anyway, here are the pictures from yesterday's piercing session :D

Frightened Krista :DDD
Feeling VERY uncomfortable, but luckily Heidi was holding my hand the entire time :DD <3
I can feel that my bf is still a bit angry but I thiiiink he has calmed down a little :D I think everything will be ok this weekend. He has had a tough week and I'm sure he will cheer up when he gets to the kendo practise and after kendo today, and to airsofting tomorrow. At least I hope so :DD

Oh and, I'm not sure if Ada and Adele are moving today after all o__O There was this accident: Their new mum (of course I'm always their mum but now they will have two mums!) had fainted, hit her head and went unconscious O__O I really hope she is ok and that it's nothing serious >___< We will see if she's gonna be able to have my girls today or later.

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